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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson - "I GOTCHA!" (where were the vultures?)

Isn't life funny after all?

When the whole midiac vultures were flying over the "highly expected" Farrah Fawcett's death just to pull their triggers with their sweaty dirty fingers, along comes Michael Jackson to take everyone by surprise...provided with the most unexpected hit of his lifetime: His death...

Wherever it is that he is now, he must be laughing at this strange yet sad day, when a Black and White take the same train...Like the old song by The Chambers Brothers goes: "People Get Ready"???? Well, everybody was as far as the media is concerned, but Michael might as well say: "I Gotcha!!!!"

The midiatic vultures will have to turn around and fly over Mr. Jackson's Hospital where his body rests while waiting for a full-blast media feast.

A day that will be hard to be forgotten...

Long live Michael!

Here's our sincere tribute to Michael and Farrah


Farah Fawcett and the vultures

We are definitely going to be very brief and to the point:

Over 30 videos posted on Youtube in less than 10 minutes in memory of 70's icon Farah Fawcett...The whole material had been ready who knows...maybe 2 years, 2 days, 2 hours...just waiting to be aired...

Full Biographies already in templates at 100% of main means of communication...just waiting for the trigger to be pulled.

Is everyone really interested in the celebrity who died or just vultures flying over the odor of good high rates????

Long Live Farrah in our memories...down with midiatic vultures...