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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Beauty and Aesthetics

Have you noticed when you go down to your favorite newsstand, most of the magazine covers are portrayed by women? When the word beauty is in question we tend to think first of a silhouette of a woman.

Western society values more female body than the male body. This sense of aesthetics is true since Victorian Times. That was not so in Ancient Greek. If you go to any Greek statue exhibit you will see more male athletic bodies in form of statues than female ones. There was a time in Human History that the male body was more appreciated as a standard of beauty than a female one.

Since the Seventies, media in the Western World has made male homosexuality almost a compulsory item. Now, the male body is being celebrated again, like you or not. As much as female sexuality is being pushed again by the media, we ascertain that things that seem eternal might have had or will possibly have different colors.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Paul McCartney Allegedly on Dope

In Ancient Rome as well as in the Chinese Empire, notable personalities who would do service to the Nation contributed in the arts and crafts would receive differential treatment before the law. This was a way to let them behave as they wished for their ideas alone, they could be above the law and therefore bring new insights for organizing society.

The Psychedelic Movement of the Sixties and the Seventies, back then labeled as dangerous to the society, contributed for the higher awareness in the relationship between men and environment. Today, thanks to the seeds planted by the Hippie Revolution, we are struggling for a greener planet. What was considered a threat in the past is now today the life saver of the planet. Let the sun shine upon all of us!

Law is what should be, is a code supposedly imposed to organize society, which is indeed necessary. On the other hand, we should not forget De Jure and De Facto aspects of the Law, which is, what is supposed to be and what it is indeed.

Hillary Clinton - Women in Power

Early human civilizations had women as their leaders. The alleged Atlantis Civilization found within Minoan Culture in Crete, was a superbly wealthy nation with women governors. Surprisingly they fostered their wealth through trade not war.

Since human civilization entered the patriarch system there has been countless wars, oppression and an all appalling lack of wisdom.

African nations prospered under matriarchal rule.

Is it time for the Information Era to be ruled by women so that we can have peace, prosperity and wisdom, as History has taught us?

The video below is an attempt to bring this subject up!

Here is what Brief and to the Point has to say about it!


Technology Stress – cell phones, internet, e-mails, online dating

So what? The increasingly number of cell phones being used around the globe has disturbed some more conservative people. I’d say the number of detractors as to the use of technology might be increasing everyday.

Why don’t people give it break and mind their own businesses instead? I mean, is it so hard for people to understand that whether they want it or accept it; technology has got into our veins? If you can’t beat them, join them or leave it alone!

I’ll tell you something, an ordinary cell phone definitely makes my life more practical. My friends, relatives and business partners can reach me now much more than they could just a few year ago.

Have you stopped to think about all of those who really care about you? I mean, isn’t it much more practical if you got your cell phone on…unless of course, you’d rather keep it off at times. That’s your business, not mine!

So, I read people criticizing for instance, online dating, matchmaking websites…..GIVE ME A BREAK! Why don’t people see the bright side of this virtual reality? I mean, how many people in the world are at this very minute feeling happy over the fact they have finally found their soul mates over the net?

I’m sorry if you’re still out there all alone because you have had your heart broken by someone else in the real world, and yet, they find time to criticize those who do something about it by going online….

You know what? Broken hearted people have more added value qualities as a consequence of pain, therefore they might be better prepared not to make the same mistakes again...and, if the real world is not being so cooperative in this regard, what’s wrong with going online?

A whole bunch of them are now either happily married or engaged or even going steady, and those who are out there criticizing this option technology has provided us with, may possibly be there sitting at a coffee shop all by themselves or sharing their bitterness with other friends without considering they might be “using” some of their friends time?