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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Beauty and Aesthetics

Have you noticed when you go down to your favorite newsstand, most of the magazine covers are portrayed by women? When the word beauty is in question we tend to think first of a silhouette of a woman.

Western society values more female body than the male body. This sense of aesthetics is true since Victorian Times. That was not so in Ancient Greek. If you go to any Greek statue exhibit you will see more male athletic bodies in form of statues than female ones. There was a time in Human History that the male body was more appreciated as a standard of beauty than a female one.

Since the Seventies, media in the Western World has made male homosexuality almost a compulsory item. Now, the male body is being celebrated again, like you or not. As much as female sexuality is being pushed again by the media, we ascertain that things that seem eternal might have had or will possibly have different colors.

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