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Friday, November 13, 2009

"I Was Dreaming of the Past..." The Beatles's Early Girl Friends!

This what we came acrros as we were surfing the web! Amazing Website:

Paul in 1969: "Jane was my girl friend, but not any more. We are still in love with one another, but it's impossible. It didn't happen. I still love all my old girlfriends, don't you?"

Ringo in 1965 about a girl he fancied at the factory he used to work in: "One day I took a fancy to a girl in one of the offices , but it was a long time before I could pluck up the courage to ask her to go to the pictures with me. I used to dress like a Ted, so I dashed home to change out of me jeans and came back in me Teddy Boy suit with thick crepe-soled shoes, thinking I was going to knock her dead. We took a bus to the Mayfair cinema, Aigburth, but I hadn't much money and as I was standing at the cashier's desk buying the tickets, she walked straight towards the entrance to the expensive seats! I chased after her, gently steering her by the arm to the front stalls - where we sat, necks aching, looking up at the screen. Funny thing, I never saw her again!"

Ex-bandmate Ken Brown about the band's early impressions of girls: "In those days, Paul was not very interested in girls - he took one or two to the pictures, but that was all. He was in love with music. George was the same. Ruth was crazy over him, but he did not bother very much with her. George and Paul both thought it a great laugh that John was so keen on Cynthia, the lovely girl who used to go to art school with him. Even then, four years before they married, they were crazy over each other. Cyn used to travel thirty miles a night from her home in Hoylake just to sit by the stage of the Casbah, listening to John playing with us."

Paul about Hamburg girls: "We were baptised in Hamburg because there were the girls! Of course it was striptease girls and hookers. I remember going out with a shortish dark-haired girl who was quite attractive but I think she was a strip-teaser, she was certainly something professional, and I remember feeling very intimidated in bed with her, spent the whole night not doing an awful lot but trying to work up to it... You couldn't say any girl coming down to the Reeperbahn was fair game because some of them were quite respectable kids who'd just bunked out on a Sunday afternoon and did observe the Ausweikontrolle the curfew. [all those under eighteen had to leave the clubs before ten o'clock at night] ...There were some really nice chicks that we had our eyes on who would have to go home. There was one called Renata, who John fell for quite heavily, and there were a couple of other girls who were quite a bit nicer. And then there was the lot who lived in St Pauli, who weren't bussed in on the Sunday afternoon for a bit of dancing, but who actually lived there, so they were in the clubs and restaurants later. There were a few chicks there who we went out with who were okay. They were just teenage girlfriends."

Just One Highlight - A Little Bit About One of Ringo's Girlfriend from Liverpool - Paula Bennet!

Paula Bennett was a rarity in the Beatle world in that she knew the Beatles in Liverpool before they were famous and still managed to continue dating a Beatle casually when they were celebrities living in London. She'd first met Ringo in 1963 at the Blue Angel Club in Liverpool, and had been out on a few dates with him. It wasn't anything particularly serious but they both enjoyed each others company and Ringo continued to see her despite supposedly having a steady girlfriend in Maureen Cox.

Paula was very close to the Beatle crowd, and hung out with Ringo's previous girlfriend Pat Davies, and two other Beatle girlfriends. These four girls were the most supportive of the Beatles crowd and would travel all over with the boys to attend gigs. They became especially close to Paul has he was the one who took care of them, but all the lads were enthusiastic about giving them lifts back and forth to gigs. "There were four of us who used to go 'round with the Beatles - Pat Davies, Louise Steel and Linda Robinson and myself. We were crazy about all four of them, particularly Paul. He had a kind, gentle way with him, and sent us all lovely Christmas cards. He was the only one of the Beatles who would dance, and in between numbers at the different halls and clubs he would come down onto the floor and join in dancing with us. He was smashing. Nearly every night the boys took us about in their van. To Preston one night, then Whitchurch another - and to all the places they used to play in Liverpool; Aintree Institute and so on."

"Ringo is wonderful fun to be with. He's so happy and has a tremendous sense of humor - but, like all The Beatles, he is afraid that the press will jump to the wrong conclusion if he is photographed with a girl. When we first met, it was different. The Beatles were not as well known, and Ringo could just drop in to the Blue Angel for a quiet drink whenever he wanted to. But later, when we went to the Ad Lib Club off Leicester Square, he was worried stiff in case any journalist saw us there together.

Paula moved to London to study sociology at London University around the same time that The Beatles moved down to London in order to be nearer the recording and TV studios where they frequently had to work. Ringo didn't take much time to install her as one of his regular London dates, but things were so very much more complicated in London. "I remember one late evening when Ringo offered to drop me off on his way home. But when he went down in the lift, he insisted on turning away into a corner with his coat collar pulled up over his face in case anyone recognised us. It was terribly funny, really. When the lift reached the bottom, he waited in a doorway - still with the collar pulled up over his face - and asked me to go down the street and find a taxi. Then I had to ask the driver to pull up slowly outside the Ad Lib Club, and I had the door open so that Ringo could suddenly dash into the cab without anyone realising it was him. I laughed about it at the time, but he told me that the Beatles always had to do this to avoid being harrassed by the press. 

Ringo said he always had to do this in case anyone recognised him and saw that he was with a girl. Ringo said that all the other Beatles had the same trouble trying not to be seen with their dates. Partly, it was because they wanted to avoid bad publicity and partly, they tried to protect their girlfriends from the press."
The other problem Ringo was having was that now he was famous, his girlfriend back home in Liverpool was constantly in danger of finding out in great detail what fun he'd been having down in London without her, and with pictorial evidence. While in Liverpool Ringo was still dating Maureen Cox, but Paula became one of his regular London girls and only disappeared off the scene when Ringo and Maureen married.

By the age of 24 when her relationship with Ringo had ended Paula was working as a typist and still living in London.

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