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Friday, February 12, 2010

100 Best Twitter Feeds to Follow for International Business

Students and professionals involved with studies and practices involving international and transnational businesses have a plethora of wonderful networking and information resource available to them thanks to the internet.
Twitter especially garners praise for its micro-blogging interface, which allows readers to scan brief messages and find the ones they need or want far quicker than a traditional blog. The following list compiles several feeds – some economic, some political, some technical, and everything in between – that may be of particular interest to those conducting business with other nations.
1. Investing in Africa  Follow updates on the stock market and economy in African nations straight from the blog with the same name.
2. Int’l Marketing Pros This open forum connects marketing professionals all over the world, allowing them to freely discuss trends and theories from their diverse perspectives.
3. ExportGov  The official site of the United States’ export laws provides detailed information on regulation changes for anyone hoping to ship or receive goods from the country.
4. ITA  Another Twitter from the federal government, the International Trade Administration provides updates on imports, exports, and the economic climate for anyone conducting business with Americans.
5. U.S. Trade Rep  Ambassador Ron Kirk and his staff tweet about international business and trade in the United States.
6. westlaw china  westlaw china looks at news and legalities straight from China – one of the world’s largest business centers.
7.   Receive the latest headlines and quick blips about international business and trade, then click on the corresponding links for the stories of interest.
8. WTO Publications  Follow the WTO Publications department as it updates on their writings and analysis. It does not update frequently, but it does make their readers aware of any new publications they may find of use.
9. UK Trade & Investment  UK Trade & Investment is a department run by the British government as a means of helping to stimulate international business interests.
10. BangladeshTrade  This Dhaka-based Twitter feed runs updates on the import and export trade status, business leads, and laws of Bangladesh.
11. Israel Export_EinatG  The Israeli government runs regular updates on the nation’s export and international relations status. Some are in Hebrew, though recently they have begun posting tweets in English.
12. Enterprise 2.0  International business meets technological innovation at the Enterprise Summit, which blends Web 2.0 experts, academics, and businessmen from all corners of the world together into one creative pool.
13. Mark Lehnardt  Former attorney with the U.S. Department of Commerce Lehnardt reviews the latest developments in countervailing duties and anti-dumping measures specifically catering to the interests of international businesses.
14. World Trade  This international business juggernaut is one of America’s top journals focusing on global supply chains both foreign and domestic.
15. Doug Jacobson  Readers of this Twitter feed receive frequent updated information on almost every aspect of international trade with the United States.
16. The Economist  Official tweets from The Economist magazine – a must-read for any businessperson, regardless of whether or not they focus on the foreign or the domestic.
17. InvestChile  InvestChile posts about the economic and investment opportunities available for foreign businesspeople in the South American nation.
18. Int. Trade Law360  Tweets at this microblog cover all of the different legalities involved with importing and exporting goods around the world.
19. Rich Kuslan  Attorney Kuslan has blogged about foreign and domestic business trends in China for the past 8 years.
20. US Council Int’l Business  This organization hopes to instill principles of sustainable development, corporate responsibility, open markets, honest competition, and creativity in businesses worldwide.
21. Joshua Lenon  Because international law directly effects business dealings, anyone working outside of a domestic setting would do well to follow this informative Twitter.
22. Martha Harrison  Toronto-based trade lawyer Harrison weighs in on international business restrictions and regulations with a particularly Canadian eye.
23. International Trade posts expert data regarding international trade, economic trends and forecasts, and marketing from around the world.
24. ICC Publications  Direct from Paris, ICC Publications provides users worldwide with the documents and information they need for international business and banking as well as conflict resolution.
25. TDM Journal  Transnational Dispute Management is a journal dealing with regulatory and investment arbitration at an international and intercultural level.
26. World Economic Forum  As the official Twitter feed of WEF, updates involve the latest news and movements in global economics – which directly impact international business dealings.
27. Manufacturing Crunch  This microblog reports on international business as it relates to the manufacturing industry and serves as a community for its participants.
28. ECIPE  ECIPE tweets about the latest news and findings at the European Centre for International Political Economy.
29. Ashoka  An organization that brings together socially-conscious entrepreneurs from around the world and encourages them to brainstorm and band together at a grassroots level to bring out the best in people and communities.
30. worldshippingnews  Men and women working within international industries that require freight shipping and other maritime dealings can follow news and reports following the relevant facets.
31. NYU Reynolds  Like Ashoka, NYU Reynolds hopes to serve as a network for global innovators to band together for the sake of positive social change.
32. Intl Development UEA  University of East Anglia’s School of International Development tweets about research into economic development around the world, with special attention paid to impoverished and war-torn areas.
33. KluwerLawInt’l  Blue chips and arbitration issues comprise the bulk of the tweets from this Netherlands law firm specializing in international business.
34. FICO World  Follow the latest happenings regarding the FICO World Conference, which involves decision management, banking, and insurance on a global scale.
35. ACI Trade  ACI Trade organizes conferences related to international business, trade, regulations, and restrictions involving executives and attorneys.
36. Columbia B-School  Columbia University’s acclaimed business school posts microblog entries on foreign and domestic dealings alike.
37. World Bank News  Tweets at World Bank News discuss the economic ebbs and flows around the world that directly impact all business negotiations.
38. Financial Times  Anyone involved in international business ought to explore all the different specialized Twitters London’s Financial Times has to offer. This one exists as one of their most generalized, updating frequently on business, politics, and economics and how they interact.
39. OECD Centre  Philanthropy and international business blend together with this organization hoping to promote sustainability, equality, and health in developing nations.
40. Offshore Transparent  Washington, DC based Offshoring Transparency dedicates itself to open discussions and full disclosure between businesses, consumers, and marketers regarding maritime transactions.
41. USGLC  Read tweets from the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition, which works hard to strengthen bonds and stimulate communication between businesspeople, religious figures, military personnel, and politicians worldwide.
42. Israel-Asia Center  This organization promotes cooperation and harmony between Israel and Asia both culturally and economically, which in turn helps boost business relations as well.
43. The Economist Cafe  Economists all over the world unite and discuss trends, topics, and news relating to their field and undeniably impacting the business world.
44. Pgh G-20 Partnership  Pittsburgh’s own G-20 Partnership summit links economists, businesspeople, academics, scientists, and other respectable researchers together as a means of bettering the world around them.
45. Synergistics  A consulting firm focusing on international business development, Synergistics posts some extremely valuable links to relevant news stories and trends.
46. OPEN Forum  American Express’s OPEN Forum community tweets headlines from around the world that relate to business and technology.
47. Elliot Polak  Culture shock oftentimes hinders productive international business dealings – sometimes domestic ones as well. This enlightening Twitter helps to bridge gaps and promote better personal and financial connections.
48. clusterstock  Though most of the tweets revolve around the American stock market and other related financial matters, clusterstock also posts up headlines and articles regarding international economic and business issues.
49. WITA  Washington International Trade Association’s Twitter proudly refers to it as “Washington’s Premier Trade Forum.”
50. Becky DeStigter  International business consultant DeStigter posts frequent updates containing insightful headlines on any and all issues relevant to her field.
51. Sproxil Inc  This international service provides consumers in developing countries with all the information they need to avoid pharmaceutical scams. They discuss market and consumer trends and research as well. Companies can also use Sproxil as a means of preventing counterfeits of their products.
52. WNS Global Services  WNS Global Services assists over 200 international businesses at 22 different delivery centers with their process outsourcing issues.
53. FTA_Facilitator  The FTA Facilitator blog may be 404ing out, but their regularly updated tweets involve important political and economic trends that directly effect business dealings.
54. Threatpost  Almost every business takes advantage of computers and other technologies to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Threatpost tweets about security breaches worldwide and sends out alerts and advice to readers in danger of losing their data.
55. ChinaManufacturing  Daniel R. Feldman microblogs about marketing and manufacturing protocol for businesses hoping to deal with China.
56. Journal of Commerce  Follow this informative Twitter feed for updates on efficient methods of shipping items internationally and any problems with or changes in protocol.
57. Port Strategy  This UK-based resource posts up maritime port information for businesses that ship using boats and other seafaring vessels.
58. Maritime Journal  Maritime Journal devotes itself entirely to businesses in Europe who must ship items over the ocean or through the seas.
59. Lloyd’s List  Any international businessperson involved with the shipping industry ought to pop through this regularly updated Twitter to catch the latest news regarding transportation.
60. Forrester Research  Independent Cambridge, Massachusetts institute Forrester Research is a trusted voice that supplies advice on technology, trends, marketing, and other subjects to businesspeople worldwide.
61. Cara Chacon  Corporate Social Responsibility professional Cara Chacon tweets numerous times a day on a number of business-related issues with a particular eye for international relations.
62. InariMedia  Technology, business, sustainability, and development come together in exciting and creative ways with this highly informative and engaging Twitter feed.
63. Barbara C. Matthews  Matthews works as a policy strategist specializing in financial regulations directly relating to international business.
64. Stock Brokers  This Twitter feed, based in Gibraltar, focuses on online stock trading on an international level.
65. MESH Harvard  Anyone who conducts business in the Middle East should keep track of any changes in relations and policies that may affect their transactions.
66. Economic Policy Institute  Domestic and international economics alike comprise this Twitter’s content, though the emphasis does seem to lean towards the former.
67. Mike Kulej  Spectrum Forex’s Chief Forex Strategist weighs in on currency trading and current exchange rates.
68. boz  For anyone interested in or currently conducting business in Latin America, boz micro-blogs about communication and strategy news, trends, and issues.
69. CopyrightLaw  Though mainly emphasizing copyright laws in the United States, Professor Michael Scott at Southwestern Law School also tweets about international restrictions and regulations as well.
70. Global Arab Network  Read all about the latest news and views affecting the peoples and businesses in the Middle East.
71. IATPiatp  The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy involves the politics and economics of sustainability to nurture more ethical and lasting business systems.
72. Hiram Capital Group  This banking firm tweets about finances and business strategies for anyone involved with international or transnational corporations.
73. Marjorie Florestal  International trade expert and law professor Marjorie Florestal posts enlightening commentary and articles from a largely humanistic perspective.
74. Investment in China  Visitors to this frequently updated Twitter feed can learn about banking, marketing, consumer, investment, and financial trends currently happening in China.
75. DipNote  The United States Department of State’s official Twitter presence looks into relations between Americans and the rest of the world from a broad spectrum of perspectives.
76. John Boscariol  Follow one impressively active Canadian trade lawyer as he discusses almost everything involving the legalities and protocols of international business.
77. WorldCompliance  Industry and intelligence alike can benefit from WorldComplaince’s open source strategies and dedication to protect businesses and consumers from fraud and terrorism.
78. US EXPORT COUNCIL  Most of this Twitter’s content looks at infrastructure, technology, energy, education, environmental concerns, and science as they relate to Middle Eastern and African trade.
79. Policy Innovations  The Carnegie Council set up the Policy Innovations program as a global push towards nurturing creativity and ethical practices in government and the private sector alike.
80. Dian L. Chu  Market analyst and chartered economist Dian L. Chu tweets about the economic forecast and possible strategies for navigating businesses and investments related to energy and commodities.
81. James Emery  Auckland’s James Emery tweets about the ebbs, flows, and machinations of gold and silver markets throughout the world.
82. WTC Delaware  World Trade Center Delaware offers readers numerous links to articles on a very wide variety of subjects related to international business and trade.
83. Gerard Aldridge  Follow the twists and turns of Canada’s bustling Northwest Corridor with this highly informative and enthusiastically updated Twitter feed.
84. Eldis Community  Serving as a free online community and network, Eldis brings together businesspeople and other professionals to discuss international development issues and solutions.
85. News4Trader  This microblog posts business news from around the world and assigns it a rating, helping readers save time when trying to decide what articles to read.
86. India Business News  India Business News acts as a sort of headline aggregator, pulling the most relevant headlines regarding domestic and international stories that impact Indian commerce.
87. Scott F. Gibson  One business lawyer consistently tweets about policies, restrictions, and regulations that impact transnational and international industries worldwide.
88. China Sourcing  This Twitter feed posts nothing but news and trends in marketing, manufacturing, wholesale, trading, and other facets of business as they relate to China’s domestic and foreign dealings.
89. AnthillMagazine  Companies who find themselves growing quickly may want to connect with others in the same situation through this Australian magazine and community.
90. exprodatgis  Businesspeople who work in or with the GIS and oil and gas industries may want to read over this microblog’s tweets involving the latest relevant headlines.
91. APAKS  Shanghai-based APAKS posts a wide variety of tweets regarding sourcing, outsourcing, off-shoring, and similar elements of Chinese business.
92. Ecommerce Headlines  Ecommerce Journal looks into business trends and transactions taking advantage of the internet and other technologies.
93. Diaz Global Advisors  These economic consultants tweet extensively about domestic and global business affairs with a particular taste for strategies.
94.  Anyone with international business dealings in or near Atlanta – as well as those otherwise affiliated with the Georgian capital – may want to read about all the latest news on the subject through this Twitter feed.
95. Westerwelle  International business consulting group TransDomo tweets with particular fondness for internet and internet marketing, development, and support in the United States and Europe.
96. Beta Gamma Sigma  Students and alumni of the international Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society can follow and network with their fellow businesspeople.
97. Lance Scoular  An irreverent, intelligent global business strategist tweets and writes about using social networking and the internet as valuable international marketing tools.
98. Jane Ginn  One of the most comprehensive and informative Twitter feeds regarding international business, humanitarian efforts, fair trade, emerging markets, and their intersections.
99. World Fair Trade Org  Any and all businesspeople concerned with the fair trade movement that promotes ethical and sustainable practices must follow this feed for information on the organizations committed to the cause.
100. Fair Trade Federation  Another must-follow Twitter feed emphasizing fair trade in the United States and its relationship to other nations.
Business people today most especially those who must work in conjunction with their contemporaries in other nations; live in far easier times when it comes to all-important communication. The internet allows them to stay connected with one another at all times and conduct more fluid transactions. With these Twitter feeds, they can stay up-to-date on all the news and trends that affect them and never have to skip a beat.



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