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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood Taught Slash to Play

Gibson guitar icon Slash learned the licks of the trade from Ronnie Wood, at least that’s what Ronnie recalled recently on his new U.K radio show on Absolute Classic Rock.

Stones guitarist Ronnie said, "Slash, I remember him as a kid spying on me when I was playing guitar, and I'd teach him little licks. And now I'm learning licks off him. It’s really good. He's a great guy to play with, and he's great at interacting, a good weaver, you know. We can weave, like me and Womack do, and me and Keith Richards do. Slash is such a great talent, and he plays in my solo band when I take it out. He’s on my new album as well."

Wood did not elaborate on when the young Slash spied on him, but the British born ex- Guns N’Roses guitarist did live in England until he was eleven before moving to America.

Ronnie Wood's show on Absolute Classic Rock radio is broadcast in the UK on Fridays at 6pm and repeated on Absolute Radio on Saturdays at 10pm.

Ronnie’s website states that a new website, as well as the new album, I Feel Like Playing, are coming soon.


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