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Thursday, November 6, 2008

George Bush Must Leave Now - No Transition Goverment

Isn’t it about time for Mr. Bush to do something decent such as to resign as the President of the U.S. immediately? The economy in the world can not wait more than seventy days for Barack Obama to takes power.

We all know that George Bush has never governed the country. In fact, he only focused on his own personal interests. The White House has not ceased to be the official office of The George Bush Inc..Time to clear out! A real president has "really" been elected. Let him work! Hopefully Mr. Barack Obama can help the US and World's jumbled messed up economy left by a businessman who used the U.S. as its fixed asset. Mr. Bush has poorly done businesses for the US, other than the ones that made his pockets are full, as well Mr. Cheney and Halliburton by giving money to those whom he should not and collecting money from where he should not, thus increasingly pushing the World economy into a deep chasm.

There can be no government transition. Mr. Bush must resign immediately or even pressured to do so. We repeat: the World has no economic impetus to support seventy days or so. Those days may end up becoming the longest days in modern history, leading the World to collapse.

Mr. Bush, resign now, do something decent for the possible benefit of the US and World once.

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