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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Disney - Globalized before Globalization and Disney Channel on the Way

Mickey Mouse has long been a global icon even before the term Globalization had been coined. It is a fact. But the corporation which he has rendendered his services to still carries on the US mission of conquering foreing cultures. Disney has always taken on the lead position in doing the dirty job of keeping US culture as "the" culture in the world. Just in case the mouse gets a little tired...

Disney deploys its culture rip-off army. Disney Channel does its part to expand the scope of U.S. cultural expansion on the countries it penetrates its garbage which is entirely based on their dubious quality cultural patterns. Nothing can be as aggressive as how the brainwashing service is widely backed up by marketing campaigns that unfortunately reach their goals of establishing its products to children or pre-teen consumers.

Vicious ways of invasion include erasing countries’ cultural values to better adapt young viewers to Disney’s standards, which seek nothing except the realization of its expansionist concepts, by acting as the North-American spokesperson for children and youngsters around the globe. Harmful adaptations in local cultures are applied for the better acceptance of the undercover enemy. In other words, the enemy invades in an amicable manner. The slogan to be read by thinking adults is: "We only want your children and young people put them under our custody and they will accept us as the only predominant culture on the face of the Earth".

Since when has Disney, through its byproduct Disney Channel got the right to use countries and cultures as local franchises of their capitalist ideologies? It is a fact that Mickey Mouse has long been an icon around the globe long before globalization. An immeasurable number of adults in this day and age feel the need to use a Mickey Mouse’s round-shaped hats - this nefarious symbol of kindness - since their minds were properly washed up in the past. How many thousands of people plan their visits to Mickey’s official residences within and outside the U.S.? He managed to buy up other addresses by virtue of his purchasing power. Mickey Mouse has never been subprime; his mortgages have long been paid off and his luxurious addresses in Paris and Tokyo today are paid by those who do not feel like travelling overseas.

How about trying to upgrade this powerful army composed of children and adolescents who have already embraced High school Musical - one of its most notably current products pushed further below the world’s throat as their local realities? Gabriella Montez is not only Troy Bolton’s high school sweetheart, but of millions of little and young boys around the world. Her private photos which widely circulate on the Internet, do not fail to show the true face of Disney ... but these pictures are saved in PCs of millions of parents - not to mention millions of other adults who flirt with their pedophile ghosts.

At the same time, Disney’s perverse approach includes High School Musical local versions. Millions of pre-teens and teens line up for casting to what later becomes a youth oriented Disney’s reality show for teens. That is, “you wanna be a star like the ones from our headquarters? We will make you suffer first! After all, “We are the World” you are the children…

Paris Hilton becomes a role model for Disney when she is worshipped in Disney Channel’s children sitcom “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody”. For us, Paris Hilton is nothing more than icon of nowhere, the emptiness in flesh and blood, lack of culture and the proof that monetary power guarantees above moral values. Disney sees value in this so-called celebrity originated from an adult content video tape and suddenly she is becomes London Tipton, a fairly valued example of stupidity, that comes alive by Disney’s stereotype actress Brenda Song. That is what Disney Channel has to offer as original material, the ode to stupidity based on real life repulsive celebrities.

“Corey in the House” is another example of how Disney does its homework by imposing North American idolization culture, so that children are brought to believe that the U.S. president is the most important man in the world. But this president has African-Americans handmaids. Are we standing on the verge of reversed roles? If so, will a WASP become a handmaid to African-Americans in the White House? Why not?

Cheetah Girls another trash movie filmed in India in an attempt to combine Eastern culture with Western garbage is a lesser strength more current example and therefore provided with a more rabid marketing campaign. At this point, Cheetah Girls, who have already tried to take Spain by assault, now have the arduous task of invading an untouchable culture – all of them are as far as we are concerned - Disney knows no limit to its expansionist mission of stealing India’s costumes, customs and music to sell their low-level hip-hop ... Nothing against hip-hop, but even this musical style is ripped-off their creators and consumers. It could be argued that the Beatles might have done the same thing, when they flirted with Indian musical culture, but they were influenced by it in a positive way which was not sold to children, they were merely dazzled by a musical style which was unknown to Western culture. Disney’s target is totally different; its intentions are restricted to adapting such culture to ease of acceptance on growing global consumption. It is by far easier to turn tradition into pastiches.

Respect for values of other nations? We're sure that Disney is not interested! "Spread the wealth around?" Gee, that is scary to North-American and Disney. As far as Disney and its Disney Channel are concerned, they’d go: "Spread stolen culture around. That is our motto. That is something we sure know how to do ..."

Brief and to the Point:

Real North American Cultural Products? We have the answer: “Serial killers, Teenage Shooting Sprees and so forth…”


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