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Monday, January 5, 2009

Who is Jeff Kathrein, Jett Travolta's nanny?

Who is the Travolta family nanny Jeff Kathrein who was in charge of caring for Jett Travolta and who reportedly found his body in the bathroom?

On his website, he describes himself as a photographer. He mostly seems to do wedding and maternity shots but there's also one of his photos (seen at left) of Kelly Preston that ran in TV Guide magazine.

But in another photo taken In 2006, Kathrein and John Travolta were caught by paparazzi locking lips.

According to Gawker, Travolta camp's official explanation was that John kisses everyone like that.


Kathrein's qualifications for childcare -- particularly a child with serious medical problems -- are unknown.

But according to Gawker, he is a Scientologist, like Travolta and Kelly Preston. Kathrein's wife, Ana, also seen on the website and expecting their first child, is also a Scientologist.

Some Scientology bashers insist that the church forces gays and lesbians to stay in the closet and maintain the appearance of heterosexual relationships.

You don't think... Nyah. That's crazy talk!


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