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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Disney Channel and the Robot Kids of the Future...

One thing this blog cannot figure out regards the fact that we would definetely like to find a way which could keep kids away from all the wild market approach promoted by Disney Channel.

We also do not seem to understand why it is so important to emphasize the figure of a fake US president as it is done in one of their shows...Corey in the House...Would it have something to do with the attempt to create a more positive approach which would be used in order to try to put a cloak on the reality that the fact of having Georgie Boy as the president for the last 8 years and all the damage he's caused to the Nation?????

Well, sure enough McCain would not help in the show rates...let alone Sarah Palin covering the doubtfull principles as to her business-like religious approach...would it make way for a celebrated Hanna Montana's pregnancy???? Miley??? Who is she???

We intend to expand this topic to other brain-washing Disney Channel shows and movies such as the High School Musical trilogy Camp Rock and other ideologically-oriented TV trash....

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