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Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Zack and Miri"

As the movie hits theaters in the U.S. tomorrow, we take some time to think...

Should Kevin Smith’s new movie become a blockbuster could the number of married couples or simply "platonic friends sharing an apartment" who already engage themselves on some amateur adult home movies for their joy become the object of desire to a huge number of Internet users soar to the extent that they might even consider making some real cash?

Definitely, competing with mainstream so-called stars or starlets would not prove to be such an issue to be considered given the fact that real people in this market is much more appealing to adult entertainment consumers...

It's a fact that harsh economic times lead people to pursue entertainment in a larger and broader scale...Adult entertainment happens to be a critical commodity that has never seen crisis affecting businesses as usual, not to mention booze and gambling...

Let us not forget that during the Depression-era when many stag movies were made, their production and distribution formed part of the conglomerate underground economy merciless controlled by the infamous gang lords of those days. As far as we understand, such economy is a multi-million dollar industry today which in face of possible supply and demand increase for reality-driven material might even consider spending less cash on stars and promote wanna-be stars and starlets coming from the real world who might go for it as a means of being able to pay for their mortgages

Zack and Miri may really sow some seeds on the minds of those who had never given it a thought…who knows if some hardly earned money may turn out to be a pleasant one?

Chances may be that Betty Boop meets Felix the Cat, both of whom had been reading their Tijuana Bibles and decided to put it into practice for the delight of enslaved adult movie buffs.

Brief and to the Point:

"That's what may happen as Wall Street bumps into Main Street..."


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