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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sony Provides A Lightweight eBook Option

The Sony PRS-700 is the latest e-reader on the market to compete with's Kindle. The PRS-700 will retail for about $400 and joins the PR-505 as another entry into the e-ready foray.

The device weights 10 ounces and comes with a stylus that readers can use to highlight text in an e-book or write their own marginalia. The PRS-700 can hold up to 350 books with built-in, internal memory, but voracious readers can expand that amount by using a removable memory stick.

The six-inch display with touch screen capabilities gives readers the option to flip pages with their finger. The e-reader also has a touch screen keyboard that allows users to search for terms.

The reader itself is small and fits easily into a briefcase or page. About the size of standard paperback book, the PRS-700 weights 10 ounces. That light weight, when combined with the ability to carry 350 books or documents, means readers can carry all the books they want without being slowed down by the additional weight.

One difference between Sony's offering and's Kindle is the LED light the PRS-700 has built in. The LED lights kick on in bright light, ensuring that dedicated readers won't have a problem seeing the text while the sun is shining brightly. And for anyone who needs bigger print to make it easier to read, the PSR-700 has six font sizes to choose from.

Sony is also trying to make it easier for the avid reader to get content to fill the reader. Sony's eBook store was recently revamped and relaunched with a streamlined checkout.


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