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Friday, May 23, 2008

Jim Morrison joins Doors drummer on debut

John Densmore, the founding drummer for The Doors, has released his debut solo album 'TribalJazz' and the late Jim Morrison makes an appearance.

Morrison, who died in 1971, seems only too happy to add vocals to his old band-mates first solo project. He is heard on a new version of the Doors classic ' Riders On The Storm'.

Michael Franti, who unlike Morrison still has a pulse, features on 'Violet Love'.

'TribalJazz' is a departure from what Doors fans would be used to. For thirty years I've been saying I was a jazz drummer before I got into The Doors," Densmore muses in a statement.

"Finally I am putting my sticks where my mouth is. I joined forces with Art Ellis. Art had been producing his original Afro/Jazz music, as well as performing as (an) opening act in festivals with Sting and many others. We began reworking the wonderfully melodic lines of Art's music into a synthesis of world rhythms and acoustic classic jazz that pleases us both."

Densmore goes on, "I have a global village in this band... We're playing music for today about today, trying to mix cultures and create some healing. Look at how the planet is these days. I want to build bridges, not bombs. If we don't even start thinking about unity, we'll never truly conceive it. What better way to do it than through music."

The album has been released digitally through


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