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Friday, May 23, 2008

Music Rules: Top 10 Music Websites That Deliver Great Free Music

Music is truly the universal language to billions of screaming fans around the world and no matter what native language that you speak - music is music, so what's the need to translate the words.

The music websites that are presented in this article are listed from best to better, and from top to bottom of the page. Yes, in this author's opinion, these are the best free legal music websites on the Internet. So, enjoy the music and jam the day away.

1. Imeem

If you really dig your music, then you have come to the right place. Imeem is the biggest and most comprehensive music resource on the web to get great music. Join the Imeem community and share your music interests with others or watch music videos if you are not too busy.

2. offers more music than you can shake a stick at. Join the community and make new friends who share the same interests as you do. members can play full tracks and customize your playlist according to your own unique tastes.

3. Pandora

Fall in love again, with the possibility of stumbling across a brand new artist, group or band that have been captured through Music Genome Project and overseen by Pandora, so that the flow of new musical talents don't go unnoticed. If you enjoy sampling the sounds of a creative crop of new and still probably new, undiscovered talented, then you will find a whole new world of sounds to delight your listening pleasures.

4. MOG

MOG's slogan says it best “Where Music Junkies Get Their Fix”. Listen to millions of full-length songs for free or share your music playlists and opinions with others in your community.

5. Macidol

Do your own an iPod and want to download new songs and Podcasts from your favorite artists for free? Macidol allows its members to download free music for your iPod legally. You name it - Macidol probably has it.


Looking for the hottest popstars and rockstars on earth, then what are you waiting for, because has it going on and a little of that, too. Watch music videos, listen or download the hottest music for free.

7. Jamendo

Open your ears to a whole new world of music talent at Jamendo. This site offers its members full free albums to download from the emerging new pool of artists and musicians from all four corners of the planet. Wanting something new to listen to, then Jamendo is the place for you.

8. Allmusic

Get to know your favorite recording artists better than ever before and listen or download some free music at Allmusic. Read the Allmusic blog or watch a music video, but by all means relax and have some fun.

9. Jango

Jango is a custom radio that plays the music you want for free. Create your own music playlists to store and play on your own radio channel or choose from the stations that Jango provide. Membership is required to participate.

10. Go Video [Codes]

Give your website, blog, MySpace or any sort of web-based page a booster shot and customize it to the max with free music videos from the hottest music talent in the world. Select the video that you want to retrieve the code for by artist or title, and then you are ready to cut and paste the video code onto your website or web-based page, so that all of your friends and fans can soon enjoy.


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