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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Air-Musician Virtual Guitar

Virtual Wrist-Based ROCK from Japan

Want to be a guitar rock god but don't fancy all those boring parts... like practicing. Well now you can wail with a screaming speed-metal solo like the best of them with the Air Musician Virtual Guitar using a minimum of skill. Simply strap the Air-Musician to your wrist, push the button to select a song and begin strumming. Every time you move your wrist you automatically play the next chord in the song. With a bit of rhythm you'll be playing so well your friends will think you took a crash course with Steven Tyler and bought yourself an invisible guitar. Only you will know the real secret that ThinkGeek travelled to Tokyo just to find these nifty Air Musicians to bring home to you.


Brief and to the Point:

How much fun can you get by playing an air guitar with real tune? Quit the imaginary guitar and grab hold of the real thing! For only $19.99...??? We believe it's worth the fun!!!

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