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Friday, May 16, 2008

Britspeak for Americans

Ace - Used to describe something good. ''Shearer's goal was ace!"

Anti-clockwise - It simply means counter-clockwise! The British are not against clocks. Really.

Aubergine - Eggplant.

Blag - To lie or embellish the truth to get something for nothing. 'She blagged her way into the club by convincing the bouncers she was famous.'

Bob's your uncle - This is added to the end of sentences and could be likened to the American use of the word 'voila'! For instance if someone is telling you how to pass your driving test: 'Just study the Highway Code for an hour every night, take the theory and practical tests and Bob's your got your license!'

Boy Racer - Usually a boy in a baseball hat between the ages of 17 and 25 whom likes to drive too fast. They are notorious for tailgating and driving older style Peugeots with ridiculous spoilers. Although, they may also drive other makes of car. If you see silly fog lights on the front of the car, this could also be the trademark of the Boy Racer.

Berk - Idiot or jerk. Another word used is 'wally'.

Chuffed - If you are chuffed, you are happy with something. 'I was chuffed with the results!'

Courgette - Zucchini

Dishy - A man who is sexy can be described as this. Reference to 'quite a dish'.

Fire - Central heating. 'Turn the fire on it's freezing in here!'

Gobsmacked - Incredibly amazed. Your gob is the same as your mouth and if you smack your gob, it would be out of amazement.

Gutted - Not happy because of an event that has occured that didn't go your way. 'Charlie was gutted to learn that his favorite pig had run away from the farm.'

Jammy - Used in place of lucky when describing someone else. 'You jammy bastard' is how it is commonly used.

Knackered - Same as tired. You could also use the word 'shattered' for tired.

Luvvly-jubbly - Just another way of saying 'lovely'. Used in London a lot.

Nick - This means 'steal'. 'He nicked a ten pound note out of that woman's handbag!'

Pull - Means picking someone up. If you are "on the pull", you are scouting for a mate.

PTO - This is an abbreviation for "please turn over". Sometimes used in letter writing if the letter extends to the other side of the paper.

Skinfull - Too much to drink. Someone who has a skinfull is drunk.

Scrummy - When something is scrummy, it is delicious. Shortened from scumptious. Makes sense, doesn't it?

Skint - Broke. No money.

Skive - To skive is to avoid something. Usually used in the following way, 'I skived off work the other day'. Meaning that I didn't go in but did something better.

Slapper - A slapper is a female who is a bit loose. Not a flattering comment at all. US equivalent = 'ho'.

Stonking - This weird word means huge. 'I had a stonking headache this morning after drinking too many pints!'

Sweeney - Another word for the Police.

Tosser or Tosspot- Not a nice expression at all. Usually used referring to a male who is a jerk.

Totty - A sexy person. Usually used in reference to girls. Men can be described as 'dishy'.

Suss - If you heard someone saying they had you sussed they would mean that they had you figured out! If you were going to suss out something it would mean the same thing.

Wally - Idiot. Jerk. Another word used meanting the same thing is 'berk'.

Whinge - To whine or complain.

Wicked - Excellent, outstanding, awesome, great.

Wonky - Not quite right. Something a little bit off about it.

Y'alright? - This is a typical greeting used by the English. Shortened form of 'Are you alright?'. Liken it to 'How are ya?' as a typical American greeting.

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