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Monday, May 12, 2008

How to Give You Right Mouse Button Super Powers


Press right-click inside windows and you open up a typical context menu which looks something like this…


Install’s FileMenuTools (free or course) and your menu will look something like this…


More than just shortcuts, this neat piece of freeware has some really powerful functions built in. Here are a few of my favourite features:

  1. Advanced file renaming - allows you to bulk rename files, add file sequencing, append text to filenames
  2. Advanced file deleting - where you get to quickly filter and delete files which match a certain naming criteria
  3. Synchronize folders - to ensure that two directories are in constant sync
  4. Enhanced visualization of size of folders - where on top of the size of the folder you get a quick chart showing you how your space is allocated
  5. Shred files - delete your confidential files permanently and make them irretrievable

…and the list goes on an on. Give it a try and your right mouse button will never feel the same again :)



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