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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

9 Funny Domain Names

You would be surprised at the number of webmasters that don't spend quite enough time thinking about their domain choice. This lack of thought leads to some pretty misinterpreted domains.

Either the webmasters don't think carefully enough about their domain names, or they purposely do this for a laugh, but there are sure some weird domains out there. Most of these are honest mistakes that lead to serious misinterpretations by readers that had no background with the site. Remember, always look for possible flaws with your domain. BEFORE you register it to avoid this.
  1. (Dickson Web)

    This is an example of a purely honest mistake. Dickson Web is a website used for data loggers and chart recorders; however their domain name is misleading. As suspected, they have finally caught on to the words within the domain that give it its misleading message. They now only use this as a link to redirect to their new domain name.
  2. (Choose Spain)

    Choose Spain. This is a hotel and a realty site for Spain. Hopefully your vacation isn't as painful as the domain. They do however have some pretty nice land for sale and hotels for rent there.
  3. (Via Grafix)

    This has been around for a while. It was a rather innocent name until Viagra came out. They have "graphix" tutorial cd's and a bunch of other items related to computer graphics. The company no longer uses this as their domain.
  4. (Teachers Talk)

    This is a community for teachers and students from across the US to talk about just about anything. It just turns out that by moving the "s" it turns into teacher stalk.
  5. (Winter's Express)

    This is a small town's local newspaper. They are called the “Winter Express”, but the domain can make it appear to be a different type of site. The paper is for Winters, California.
  6. (NY Canal)

    This is a travel information website with links to all sorts of different activities to do on the canals of NewYork. This is a general website mistake. If you were to start a business on the Cook Islands, you would end up with at the end of your domain. Co is the standard for commercial domains, and .ck is the TLD for the Cook Islands, so either way you will end up with the after any innocent sounding domain name.
  7. (Who Represents)

    This is actually a database for contacting the lawyer and/or publicists of some of the biggest actors and actresses out there. Whether or not this actually puts you in contact with the people it claims is beside the point, still somehow, the domain fits for at least some of the people on the database.
  8. (Experts Exchange)

    This is a site where Experts can exchange their ideas. It is actually for programmers to get help with their current projects, and yet it makes it sound like it's advertising the best “sex change” company out there. Since then, for some reason, they've changed their domain.
  9. (Therapist Finder)

    This is actually a database for you to find a therapist. I thought this was the best of them all, as even without the caps you would probably read it as it sounds. This site is actually pretty big and could really help you find the best therapists in your area.

Hopefully this list will make you think twice before registering your next domain name. If you've seen another strange domain name other than the ones here, please feel free to share them with me in the comments.



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