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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Heather Mills takes swipe at Paul McCartney in television interview

Heather Mills went on yet another tirade Friday morning against her ex-husband Sir Paul McCartney and had some snark comments for who she claims are his three girlfriends.

"I wish all the girls the best of luck. Better them than me," scoffed the 40-year-old Mills on today's GMTV This Morning show in Britain. McCartney, 65, has recently been linked to actress Rosanna Arquette and businesswoman Nancy Shevell.

As part of her nearly $50 million divorce settlement, Mills is not allowed to discuss her ex-husband, but that clearly didn't stop the former model.

She went on to address, rather poetically, throwing water on McCartney's attorney Fiona Shackleton on the final day of the divorce hearing.

"Ms. Shackleton said something under her breath, so I cleansed and baptised her," she told GMTV. She even took credit for the noted improvement of Shackleton's look after the incident.

"I thought she looked fantastic-- I thought I did her a world of good," Mills said, via satellite from Las Vegas, where she is to judge the upcoming Miss USA pageant.

In a sweet moment of irony, Mills told GMTV that she will continue to fight to have entire transcripts of the court hearings released to the public so that she can "clear her name." Fat chance.


Brief and to the Point:

Happiness is also a warm gun for Lady Mucca when it comes to Macca's Happiness!

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Anonymous said...

McCartney was a damned old fool to marry her. Heather deserves every shilling she got for putting up with the old bog-faced todger. LOL!