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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thomas Friedman and The Rhode Island Pies!

This frigging guy.

New York Times
columnist Thomas Friedman wrote a decent book many years ago and has since made a living by promoting the Iraq War, going on sabbatical, and coming up with useless concepts like these: "the world is flat," "a Lexus is like an olive tree, in that both are on my book cover," and "I used my NYT corporate Amex credit card to buy a trinket from this Pakistani, which I'll conflate into a hackneyed worldview cliche." This modern day soothsayer spoke to some kids at Brown University last night about the environment and got pelted with green pies, which is what happens in the Global Marketplace of Ideas.

Friedman was speaking on Earth Day and made the following sage observations:

  • Clean energy is important.
  • Energy independence is important.
  • Government and states can be important, regarding energy.
  • "If I were Rhode Island, what I would be looking to is creating the kind of islands of interdisciplinary collaboration between different companies in this area."

He wore black pants and a turtleneck, which naturally enraged a couple of environmental activists who threw two plates loaded with green whipped cream at him before fleeing the auditorium in a hale of flyers explaining why he deserved a pie in the face.

The message rang out loud and clear: Rhode Island is awesome.


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