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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Budget Travelling: 10 Backpacker's Destination Hostels

by , Apr 2008
There are so many fascinating hostels around the world, but here are some of the more interesting and popular places that you may want to consider staying in if you are going to be spending some time traveling.

The water isn't always hot, it is sometimes crowded and noisy, and you can definitely expect the unexpected from the other visitors, but there is no denying that spending some time in a hostel can be one of the most surprisingly enjoyable moments of any backpacker's vacation. Throughout the world, while many vacationers expect the pampering and luxury of the best hotels, some brave souls, both young and old, appreciate the alternative adventure of communal living in a hostel.

Although there are many establishments that you may not want to stay in more than overnight on the way to somewhere else, often comfortable hostels are the perfect place for tourists to set up base for a few days. Many hostels provide not only a great social atmosphere, but they also provide plenty of information on transportation routes as well as supply the visitor with other travel information that they may need. Each country has different traditions, and there may be a large selection of places to stay (depending on your location), but it is good to know something about them before you set out on your vacation.

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands - Flying Pig Uptown Youth Hostel

    Flying Pig is located in the heart of Amsterdam and is just a step away from this cities' famous nightlife. With its clean rooms and free breakfast, this is an excellent spot for exploring the crazy parties and the smoky coffee shops that this city has to offer. This cozy Amsterdam hostel has a very friendly atmosphere and a great combination of laidback hospitality mixed up with those wild Amsterdam party vibes. There is also a well known bar in the basement that is a great spot to meet fellow travelers as well as being a great place to enjoy some of the cheapest beer in the city.
  2. Berlin, Germany - Circus Hostel

    This stylish hostel is found in an early 20th century building that has since been completely renovated, and is located in the center of Berlin's bustling "Mitte". It has both dorm style rooms and private apartments and provides a fantastic view of the city. With an all-you-can-breakfast lasting until 1pm and a very helpful staff that is expert at providing you with any travel information or questions that you may have, this is an excellent choice for an enjoyable stay.
  3. Corfu, Greece - Pink Palace Hostel

    The Pink Palace Hostel is found on the "Emerald Island" of Corfu in Greece, and is literally a fantasy location that embodies the beautiful green of the Greek countryside with the bluest waters imaginable. Filled with Ancient Greek monuments and Venetian fortresses, this beautiful location offers a unique landscape with a natural breathtaking beauty that has captivated mankind for thousands of years. At this hostel you will have access to a private beach with a Jacuzzi, and can enjoy your evenings with a free 3 course dinner and some lively nights in the club featuring Greek music.
  4. Banavie, Scotland - Chase The Wild Goose Hostel

    Located beside the Caledonian canal and the Great Glen Way in the breathtakingly beautiful and ruggedly wild Scottish Highlands, this lodging is recommended for those who "want to live life to the eXtreme". The highest mountain in the UK, Ben Nevis, is located a little to the east and if you want to party, the town of Fort William has lots of exciting bars and traditional Scottish music available only 2 miles away. This hostel has plenty of modern conveniences including comfortable beds, available private rooms, broadband access and offers plenty of sporting activities like mountain biking, climbing and walking.
  5. Sydney, Australia - Wood Duck Inn

    For cheap and comfortable accommodations in the thrilling city of Sydney, this newly renovated hostel is a great place to stay. Run by young local people who have backpacked plenty themselves through Australia and overseas, these folks know what a traveler is looking for and know just how to provide it. Including a super friendly staff and a large rooftop area with a B.B.Q. and an awesome view of Sydney, the social atmosphere here is definitely contagious and it shows why this has become one of the most popular hostels in the area.
  6. Nice, France - Villa Saint Exupery

    Voted the number one hostel in France in 2007, this stylish spot near the French Riviera offers high quality lodgings and a professional staff. Including free Internet with 12 computers, a legendary all-you-can-eat free breakfast and a bar (cheap drinks €1), this location also offers easy access to museums, jazz clubs, and the famous beaches. Family-run and well known for its great social ambiance, the Villa hostel is a fantastic place to relax and to meet other travelers.

  7. Sinai, Egypt - St. Catherine's Monastery Hostel

    This destination is "a sparkling example of an undiscovered jewel of travel" and is a place for the world traveler who is looking for something peaceful, remote and wonderful. Located in the same Sinai Peninsula that is associated with Biblical places named in the Exodus, the monastery itself includes literally priceless works of art and one of the most important collections of illuminated manuscripts in the world. The monks from the Monastery that make up the hostel staff are known to be a little gruff, but in this magical location, you may not be bothered. The rooms are single-sex dormitories with seven beds, or rooms with three beds and a private bathroom for a little extra, and breakfast consists of a hard boiled egg, pita bread, humus and olives. Although the conditions are a little rough, this location offers the opportunity of a real once-in-a-lifetime adventure.
  8. Rarotonga, Cook Islands - Backpackers International

    For literally £7 per night, you can find yourself in a paradise hideaway among the huts on a Pacific island beach fringed with coconut palms and lush green tropical gardens. This hostel offers both dorm rooms and private rooms, a large kitchen and dining area, a lounge and Internet terminals, and includes complimentary airport pickup. This holiday getaway also has BBQs and pizza nights, beach volleyball, nature walks, night tours, and a wicked authentic island feast on Thursdays. This is a great place to meet new people, and possibly one of the most relaxing vacations imaginable.

  9. Buenos Aires, Argentina - Casa Esmeralda

    A cross between a guesthouse and a hostel, Casa Esmeralda can house about 15 guests, and comes complete with a pretty little garden and a small roofgarden or play with Casa Esmeralda's happy-go-lucky, bouncing black dog in the afternoon and in the evening you are walking distance from the infamous Buenos Aires Palermo Hollywood bar scene. terrace. The house is spotlessly clean, comfortable and cheap with a communal kitchen and old couches and exudes a very friendly atmosphere. Here you can take a nap in a hammock in the back

  10. Prague, Czech Republic - Czech Inn Hostel

    Czech Inn offers high quality facilities and services at budget prices and have an innovative approach to "providing accommodation for both the backpacker and comfort seeker". Visitors can appreciate the beauty of Prague's architecturaltransport, this hostel is an ideal base for visitors to explore historical Prague. The Czech Inn offers a large breakfast buffet, and has an in-house café with a full bar and a complete selection of Czech beers and wines. This hostel has 24-hr reception, no curfew and a comfortable 12 noon check-out time. history while staying in this beautifully restored 19th century building as well as enjoying the comforts of a modern designer-hostel with all the amenities it has to offer. Located close to the city center with easy access by public

The next time you find yourself planning a vacation somewhere in the world, don't forget to consider staying in a hostel that can make your holiday time even more memorable. Bon Voyage!


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