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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cheney's sunglasses - A naked woman???

A recent photo of Vice President Dick Cheney fishing has sparked speculation that the reflection in his sunglasses are that of a naked woman.

Upon closer inspection, it becomes fairly clear the relection is simply Cheney's hand.

Who's that naked woman in Vice President Dick Cheney's sunglasses?

That's the question people all over the Internet have been asking for the last few days. But don't be so quick to believe everything you read - or see.

Upon first inspection, the image - taken during a fishing trip in Idaho - appears rather harmless. Cheney delivers one of his classic grins with a pair of shades over his peepers. But it's not the happy grin that's raising eyebrows on blogs across the web, but the odd reflection in the dark sunglasses.

Could it be the Vice President of the United States is gazing upon a naked woman?

No. Not even close.

Although wild imaginations see something more sexy, it is nothing more than Cheney's hand as he tosses a fishing line. And while this has been confirmed by Cheney's spokesperson, one look at the image should make it clear.

That hasn't stopped the Internet buzz, however.

"Well it looks like a naked woman to me," read one comment on, a sports photography website.

"At first I saw a naked woman too!" reads another.

And while this wild speculation has fed blogs throughout the web (a simple search on Google turned up 87,900 results when you type in "dick cheney sunglasses"), cooler heads appear to have prevailed.

"LOOK at it. It's Cheney's arm and his hand holding a fly rod," wrote another sharp-eyed poster.


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