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Friday, April 11, 2008

Chris Crocker- MacJob employment NOW!

Mr. Chris Crocker

Keep whatever you want under your belt. Who needs this type of BS you offer the world. You are nothing but a product of cyber space celebrities. Who needs that? Your values do not add anything to the whole world, expect to those provided with birds brain, which are many, but as far as it concerns you, you can go. Got nothing better to do? Go join the troops in Iraq….

This cult of personality is unthinkable when it comes to being stuck to one type of media such as Youtube. What a nihilist world we’re living in! But we post you here for you’re discussed. We are not going to waste our time as to discussing you since you’re nothing but an underground cyber celebrity (?) with is a natural post-modern mentality. You are bound to become an urban legend in a long shot.

You talk about "right offer"??? Well, Yahoo has been waiting for one as well, but it seems to us they got a lot more to offer and if only one word is what you are capable of, let's see where you're gonna get if ever!

Brief and to the Point:

While thousands of hundreds are fighting for a well-deserved place in showbiz, you are there just showing us that you are being rejected by mass media while at the same time, you unsuccessfully try not to let it show by posting another piece of crap.

Sorry Chris Crocker (what kind of artistic name is that anyway?), but you are to be forgotten. Go get a Mac-job and stop thinking you can change the world....


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