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Friday, December 11, 2009

Best Japanese Movies in 2009

Even as I slowly run out of things to look forward to in life, here’s my list on what movies I will be watching out for from Japan in 2009. Included links to more info and including trailers for most movies.

Heaven’s Door

For no other reason besides the fact that the director for the film directed Tekkon Kinkreet as well, the lovely cover of the theme song and obviously for Nagase Tomoya. 


Twentieth Century Boys: Chapter Two – The Last Hope

I’ve not watched the first movie for this but this topped Benjamin Button in the Japanese box office so its gotta be worth something.


Shonen Meriken Sakku

As a general rule, I try not to miss anything that was written by Kudo Kankuro, his stories are always quirky, amusing and fun to watch. If you enjoyed Memories of Matsuko, 69, Ping Pong and Go, don’t miss this one 
On a side note: Kudo Kankuro reminds me of desmond….



Directed by Takashi Miike who is better known for his more gory and sadistic films like Ichi the Killer, Audition and other action-cool flicks like Zebraman and Crows: Episode 0 shows us once more that he is capable of directing any movie genre.


Plastic City

Ok, the story does not sound that appealing…too complicated for my taste..but I can watch anything with Odagiri Joe, anything.
On a side note, Anthony Wong acts in this movie as well. Seems promising…


Fish Story

This show believes the world is set to end by 2012, like me..haha, this is a story of how one song saved the world…


Honokaa Boy

Ahhh, just watching the trailer made me want to head to Hawaii. A story about a young college student who travels to Hawaii and falls in love with a hot japanese-caucasian lady (i recognized her as one of the models from ViVi magazine.)
So nicceeee!


Gelatin Silver Love

The trailer caught me for this one, its beautiful. A story about a photographer’s obsession with the beautiful and mature lady next door.


Waiting for Good News

I just like the title for this show… kinda reflects my hopes and dreams for the moment.


Dumb Animal

This one is written by Kudo Kankuro too, although the premise for this plot doesn’t sound as fun as Shonen Meriken Sakku, I’ll still watch it :)



Ok, this one is in ONLY because I feel Narimiya Hiroki looked amazing with red hair…reminds me of a shorter version of Sakuragi from Slam Dunk.


Oppai Volleyball

A big-boob teacher attempts to motivate the sucky volleyball team by promising them she would show them her boobs if they win one game…haha
P.S: This is not AV…i think…


Crows Zero II

Looking cooler and stronger than the last…a must watch


Jyuryoku Pierrot

This one feels like a good family drama, focusing on a younger brother who has gravity defying abilities


Ultra Miracle Love Story

I really didn’t need to watch the trailer, how can anyone not want to watch this after looking at this poster 
Hmmm…the lead feels like Shi Xiang…haha


Tsurikichi Sanpei

I have my doubts.. but since I’ve never read or watched a Japanese manga/movie about fishing,


I’m almost 100% sure this will suck as bad as Shinobi despite the pretty graphics, the trailer plays out like any PS3 ninja game intro with way too much 3D animation to feel realistic at all.
But hell, I’m watching this, Ryoko Hirosue has never looked more like a doll anywhere else. 



1. Kudo Kankuro
2. the guy who played L in Death Note is the lead
3. The trailer beats Goemon’s, even if it feels too much like Azumi
4. Watch first, comments later. 


Nodame Cantabile

The story continues after the special!!! Banzai!!!


One Million Yen and the Nigamushi Woman

Actually this movie is from 2008 but since I’ve not watched it, its in this list as well. I like the idea of earning enough money to skip from town to town, sounds like a unique way of living…