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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tiger Woods - Something About the Poor Rich Man....

Had Tiger Woods been living in Acient Rome, being the man of increadible skills...he might even be an Emperor...and in this condition without Christian Marriage strings, he would surely be entitled to having all women he could possibly desire and handle.

Well, Hail Tiger...Wake Up Tiger, you're a man in the cage, that is, in the cage of a hypocrite Christian society that expects a man to buckle down and shove crap.

All the cash he's got won't buy him wonder he complains to his mistresses by saying: "marriage isn't all it's built up to be".

Brief and to the Point:

In Ancient Rome, Tiger Woods would be an average Emperor provided with a good sex drive who might as well go for as many "holes in one" he could possibly crave for...


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