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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Intimate Scent of a Beautiful Woman - Vulva

In what is sure to become the biggest WTF product moment since the Fleshlight (and the most creative use of a domain name yet), there is now Vulva. (This page has been rated NSFW2 – Not Safe For Work & Not Safe For Wife – consider yourself warned.) Somewhere, someone (odds are it was a guy) decided that sandalwood and strawberry just weren’t cutting it in the scents department, so they took it upon themselves to add vagina to the list. Apparently this “vaginal scent” (Calling it a perfume is strictly forbidden.) stimulates and compliments erotic fantasies.

Presumably, if you wanted to incorporate the scent of a foreign vagina into relations with your wife/girlfriend/girl you’re “dating” you would do it with another vagina and not glass vial incense, so this has to be for that special solo time. That said, Vulva costs $36 (without shipping) which makes it fiscally irresponsible to not just stick with Jergens; it’s also probably ten times harder to get through customs than Canadian Viagra prescriptions. Furthermore, if you wanted the smell of vagina all over your hand (without any of the associated body parts) why would you want sweaty vagina?

So what Vulva essentially did is create a website to sell their erotic fantasy enhancing product…without selling any product. That’s as effective a marketing campaign as GM using Transformers to sell cars. Who knows, maybe the forthcoming EIGHTEEN and EXOTIC scents will save Vulva like Megan Fox saved Transformers. Until that happens, have fun with the picture gallery on the site.


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