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Friday, December 18, 2009

Garth Brooks Wants Hospital To Return $500,000 Donation

Garth Brooks is suing an Oklahoma hospital for failing to name a building after his mother. The CMA Award winner is demanding that the Integris Canadian Valley Regional hospital in Yukon return his $500,000 donation because they reneged on their deal.

According to the lawsuit he filed in Oklahoma and obtained by TMZ, Garth claims the money was supposed to go towards a new hospital building that would be named after his late mother Colleen, who perished in 1999 from cancer.

But the hospital never built the structure despite a $27 million renovation and expansion project last year.

The "More Than a Memory" hitmaker now wants his money back because the hospital allegedly breached the donation contract.

The medical center insists it was just a misunderstanding, saying it hopes the dispute will reach a "swift and amicable end."


Brief and to the Point:

"Vanity leads people to utter oblivion...Garth Brooks is likely to go even deeper into the oblivion he's already in...Furthermore, Brooks must be as Broke as Hell"

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