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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Beatles References in Movies

Almost Famous

The lead character in this movie is named "Penny Lane"
When William is talking on the phone with the Rolling Stone office, the RS issue "Lennon Remembers" (part 1) is hanging on the wall in the background.
When William tells Stillwater that they will be on the cover of the Rolling Stone, the lead singer of the band is all excited and says "The first issue I bought had the Beatles on it. The Beatles! There were four of them, and there are four of us!!!" 

American Beauty
The Beatles Abbey Road song, Because, is played at the end.

Apollo 13
In the scene where Jim Lovell's daughter is going to see her father in space, she throws a fit over The Beatles' break-up, and she also is holding the Let It Be album.

Austin Powers (International Man of Mystery)
The beginning sequence of this movie has Mike Myers acting very similar to the Fib 4 in Hard a Hard Day's Night.
Austin Prowler
Dr. Pussy says "The Bay City
Rollers? I am sure they did better than the Beatles or the Stones. I hated those two bands"

Back to School

Teacher in college history class tells the class that when he was in Vietnam students were listening to Beatle albums. Lead character Rodney Dangerfield mentions Beatles
In the scene when Mr. Bean and his American host are walking home from a bar, they are singing "Yesterday.” 

Bird on a Wire
A woman was talking about a famous hotel and mentions "George Harrison has stayed here"

The Blues Brothers

Steve Lawrence says "Who do you think we are the "F-----" Beatles or something?

Bowling for Columbine

The song (actually sung by the Beatles...the first time ever I believe) “Happiness is a Warm Gun" is played during this documentary about gun control.

Brasses Off
Phil [as Mr. Chuckles] “What's He doing? He can take John Lennon. He can take those three
young lads down at Ainsley Pit. He's even thinking of taking my old man. And Margaret bloody Thatcher lives! What's He sodding playing at, eh?”

The Breakfast Club
The scene where Richard, the principal, and Carl, the janitor, are talking in the basement, Richard asked Carl what he wanted to be when he grew up, he replies "I wanted to be John Lennon.”

Cactus Flower
There is a scene in a record store where you can see the Rubber Soul album on display.

Can't Buy Me Love
At the very end of the movie, the song “Can't buy me love” is played.

Casino Royale
During the opening shot "LES BEATLES" graffiti can be seen on the post.

Das letzte Testament (German film from the 1980's)
The story is about an American family, which faced a nuclear war. The husband don´t return
and after a while the electricity came back to their home, they play first ´All my loving´ on the record player.

The Doors
In a scene right before the Miami concert, Jim Morrison and John Densmore are arguing.
John says "We took drugs to expand our minds, Jim! Not to escape!" And to that Jim answers sarcastically" What are we the Beatles now John?"

Dirty Dancing
At the beginning of the movie Baby talks about her summer of '63. She says, “That was before The Beatles came..."

Dumb and Dumber
In the scene where they are sitting at the diner looking through the jukebox, Harry says "Hey, they have the Monkees here." Lloyd responds "yeah, they were a big influence on the Beatles."

When Ed starts getting big, Ellen DeGeneres describes him as "A Beatle, well, a Spice Girl"
Fathers' Day
Dale Putley: Gentlemen, haven't we learned anything from the music of John Lennon? All we need is love."

Ferris Buller’s Day Off
Ferris says in one scene, “I quote John Lennon: I don't believe in Beatles
, I just believe in me. I believe him. After all, he was the Walrus, I could be the Walrus and I'd still have to bum rides off of people!"
Later on in the movie, Ferris lip synchs "Twist and Shout" in the parade scene.

Feltch says "Do you have the Beatles White Album? Never mind, just bring me a cup of hot fat and the head of Alfredo Garcia."

Forrest Gump
Forrest meets John on the Dick Cavett show and inspires John to write "Imagine"

Goldfinger - 007
James Bond says " My dear girl, there are some things that just aren't done, such as drinking Dom Perignon '53 above the temperature of 38 degrees Fahrenheit. That's just as bad as listening to the Beatles without earmuffs!

Good Morning Vietnam

Robin Williams pulled out the Help! album several times, but doesn't play it.

Girl Interrupted
There is a scene early in the movie where a man driving a taxi asks Winona Ryder why she is going to a mental institution. She
says "because I see things." The man says "who doesn't? They could lock John Lennon up for that." And Winona responds "I'm not John Lennon."

The Girls on the Beach
A group of girls promise to get the Beatles to perform at a party. When they can't get them, the girls dress up as the Fab 4.


The character of Frank says "I don't like the Beatles, and I don't like you!"

Gross Point Blank
John Cusack’s secretary enters his office in a uniform looking dress to ask if he's going to his high school reunion. He replies, "Listen, -looks up at her - Sergeant...Pepper..."

Hanging Up

When Meg Ryan's character is looking at old family pictures on the wall in her father's home, "Junk" by Paul is playing in the background.

Head (Monkee's Movie from 1968)

A waitress in the diner scene asks Micky if he's still doing his tribute to Ringo Starr. Micky responds by asking her if she'd like a punch in the mouth.
Also Peter Tork enters the men's room whistling "Strawberry Fields Forever"


Sigourney Weaver sings "Back in the USSR" with a bad Russian accent.


Peter Pan goes to visit Wendy and finds her grand daughter instead. On the wall is a Hard Day's Night poster and she has a Beatle pillow on the bed.

Independence Day
Julius Levinson, in the Air Force One after the aliens made their first attack, says, “All you need is Love. John Lennon. Smart man;
shot in the back; very sad."

I am Sam
This movie was FULL of Beatles references

Jungle Book

There are four buzzards with mop tops and Liverpool accents. In the Sept/Oct 2000 issue of Beatle fan magazine it is revealed that Walt Disney met with Brian Epstein and asked for the Beatles to record songs for the Jungle Book. John Lennon shot this idea down. This might be the reason for this strange Beatles reference in this cartoon.

Jungle to Jungle
There is a scene where Tim Allen’s character and the little boy are in a canoe going down the river, and Tim says, "Bird who sings: Hoko Yuno. Bir
d who can't sing: Yoko Ono."

Kate & Leopold
When Kate first sees Leopold, she says "Who do you think you are, Sgt. Pepper?"

Keeping the Faith
Ben Stiller and Edward Norten are shown as young boys. They are argue with another and between their heads are something like comics shown. One of these pictures shows the self picture of Lennon

Love Affair
Annettte teaches the children to
sing "I Will"

Love Story
After Jenny and Oliver make love, Jenny informs Ollie that she loves him as much as Mozart, Bach, and the Beatles.

Men in Black
When Tommy Lee Jones was showing Will Smith, the new format for music like albums, cassette tapes, compact discs, and then this new format, he said, "This means I'm gonna have to buy the White Album again!"

Michael says, “Remember what John and Paul said." Someone asks “Who? The Apostles?" and he says, “No, The Beatles: all you need is love!" 

Mojave Moon

One of the characters' name is Eleanor Rigby. She informs one of the other characters that her mother named after a Beatles song.
Money Pit
Tom Hank's girlfriend in the movie sings Beatles songs when she was drunk.

Mr. Holland’s Opus

Mr. Holland comes home from work and meets his wife at the door, they start talking about John Lennon's death, because John had just died the night before.
Then their deaf son Cole is sitting on top of the record player 'listening' to a Beatles album, and signs that he understands The Beatles too.
They are watching the news and they show crowds of people in NYC holding up John signs, "Imagine" is playing in the background.
Mr. Holland's band does a concert and he sings "Beautiful Boy" to his son Cole.

My Girl
In one scene, Macaulay Culkin’s character is in the driver's seat of Shelley's mobile home and he says, “I’m going to drive all the way to Liverpool." When Shelley asks why, Veda replies, “Big Ringo fan."

National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation
There are four Beatle look a likes standing around Audrey, and she asks them if they have been together longer than the real Beatles, and they all shake their heads yes

The Other Sister
The gay sister says her favorite song is "Michelle, ma belle"
The Out of Towners
The movie starts with the Lennon song (Just like) Starting Over
There is a scene where Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn are walking down a street in New York City, when a guy comes up and asks them for five bucks. They ask this guy if he is Andrew Lloyd Weber and he says "yes." Then Steve Martin asks "do you know Paul McCartney?" And Steve then gets robbed.

Panic Room
When Meg (Jodie Foster) and her daughter Sarah (Kristen Stewart) are locked inside the '
Panic Room' from the burglars, in order to restrain herself Sarah hides in a corner and starts to chant the names of Beatles albums: "Help...Rubber Soul...Yesterday and Today...Sergeant Pepper....Magical Mystery Tour...The White Album...Let It Be..."

The Parent Trap
In the scene where one of the twins is in London with her mother a cover of the song "Here comes the Sun" is played, and in that same scene the mother and daughter are seen walking across the zebra crosswalk of Abbey Road.

Peggy Sue Got Married
When Peggy Sue first discovers she went back in time to the year 1960, she makes a comment about going to Liverpool to discover The Beatles.
Charlie needs a good song and Peggy Sue came up to him and told him that she wrote a song for him. He later appears in the movie saying that he liked her song, but he replaced the “yeah’s with "ooo’s. He starts to sing "She Loves You," but with the "ooo’s.

When the father is trying to make the mother feel better, he sings "If I fell" to her.

The Postman

Everyone is down, and the postman tells the people that there is a new president, Richard Starkey, and he is from Minneapolis.

Rain man
Raymond and Tom Cruise's character sing "I saw her standing there" while in the bathroom.

The Rock
Nicholas Cage's character, Godspeed, receives a rare Beatles record, the original pressing of "Meet the Beatles" while at the office. Someone asks him why he would want such an expensive record when he could get it on Cd for cheaper. He responds, "It sounds better on vinyl"
Nicholas Cage is "Beatle maniac" at the end of the movie.

Godspeed also sings the Lennon-McCartney song "World without love" (which was recorded by Peter & Gordan)

The Recruit

Scene where Collin Farrell is being interrogated
Husky Guy: You gonna give me names?
James Clayton: Ok, ok. John is the wise guy, Paul is the cute one, George is pretty quiet and there's a new guy but I can't remember his name


Five teenagers get stuck in a garage underneath a hotel where the Beatles are staying.

Sister Act
When asked to name the Disciples, Whoopi Goldberg says, “John, Paul, George and Ringo!"

Sixteen Candles
Samantha and "Farmer" Ted are sitting in a car at their high school during a school dance. Sam tells Ted that today is her birthday. Ted automatically burst out singing "They say it's your birthday..." along with banging the rhythm on the dashboard. Sam tells him to stop, and so he starts to sing "Hey Jude...."

Sleepless in Seattle
There is one scene were Tom Hanks walks into a room with his son in it, the boy turns around holding a record album and say,"Hey dad, did you know that is you play this backwards, it says 'Paul Is Dead'?". Tom Hanks replies, "Yeah I knew that."

Sliding Door
The character of James says this funny quote "Everyone is born knowing every single Beatles lyric. It's ingested into the fetus along with all that amniotic stuff. In fact, they should be called "The Fetals"

That Thing You Do
Guy (the drummer) is called Ringo by the owner of the pizza place.
When the photographers were taking their pictures in California, one of them asked, "Hey, how come you don't have long hair like the Beatles? Don't you like the Beatles?" Then while on a TV show, the host of the show says he is going to "challenge the Beatles to a hair-combing contest."
When Guy's family sat down to watch them on T.V., one of the family members said, "I won
der how many people are going to be watching them tonight." Someone answered back, "How many people watched the Beatles on 'Ed Sullivan'?" On that Hollywood television performance the TV technician says "It is now time for America to 'Meet the Wonders.'" And he puts up the names of each guy during the song (just like it was done with the Beatles on Ed Sullivan during the song, ‘Till there was You). When it gets to Jimmy his caption says "Careful girls, he's engaged."
Faye suggested the name "One-ders" because of the "Beat" in "Beatles."
When the Wonders were on a radio station in LA, the DJ introduces them as four boys from the east. Then he says, "No girl, not those mop tops, today we have America's own Wonders!

The Thing called love
James Wright asks "How many Beatles are there?"

To Sir with Love
The teacher is discussing with the class the latest trends in fashion and says, "Take The Beatles, they started a huge social revolution."

Top Secret
The "little horses" sing "Hard Day's night"

Vanilla Sky
Paul McCartney sings the title song for this movie, and was nominated for an Oscar for it (but lost to Randy Newman)
the psychiatrist tells Tom Cruise's character "John used to be my favorite Beatle, but now it's Paul." Tom replies "I always liked George."

Velvet Goldmine
Jerry Divine says "that man sitting over there in the white suit is the biggest things to come out of this country since sliced Beatles."

Wayne's World
When Wayne and Garth are standing outside the Gas Works, Wayne asks Tiny (played by Meatloaf) who is playing. Tiny says The Golly Green Giants and the Shitty Beatles. Wayne says "The Shitty Beatles? Are they any good" And Tiny answers "No man, they suck." And Wayne says "Oh then it isn't just a clever name?"
According to the close captioning, when Wayne sings and plays on his guitar "and her name was Cassandra" he is singing like Paul McCartney.
When Wayne and Cassandra are lying in bed, Wayne asks her if she would still love him when he is going through his "hanging out with Ravi Shankar phase."

Wayne's World 2

Wayne tries to impress Cassandra's father by showing ancient karate fighting stances. He says, “I know all the moves: the Bat, the Rat, The Crane...The Beatles!"

Welcome to Sarajevo
Michael Henderson says "The Beatles aren't English. They're from Liverpool."

Brief and to the Point:
Needless to mention the movie “Across the Universe” for it’s a Beatlesque movie by excellence.
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Lucy said...

You forgot about Love Actually! They sing All You Need is Love in it, plus, the little boy's idol is Ringo Starr! :)

Anonymous said...

and in "The curious case of Benjamin button" There is a scene where "twist and shout" is playing in the background, then they show the Beatles playing it on TV.

Anonymous said...

In the three stooges one of them greets a nurse with hey bulldog.

Anonymous said...

In Cheaper by the Dozen (Steve Martin) There is a scene where the song Help! is playing on a radio.

Anonymous said...

In "Knocked Up" (near the end of the movie in the waiting room) one guy sardonically addresses his friend who has long hair and a beard as "late John Lennon"

Anonymous said...

In "Tootsie" (Dustin Hoffman) about half way through the movie when they go away to the house in the country there is a Beatles poster on the wall in the bedroom seen only for about 10 seconds but they seem to be framing the shot to include it.

Anonymous said...

Four weddings and a funeral -middle of movie - Andie MasDopwell as Carrie says says "As John Lennon said 'Love is the answer and you know that for sure' "

Anonymous said...

In the new movie Escape From Planet Earth they greys have corky Liverpudlian accents and have a line, "Let's never break up guys" I think they're supposed to be the Beatles even thought there are only three.

Anonymous said...

Little Manhattan (2005): two kids walk thru NYC's Central Park and discuss the origins of Strawberry Field as a Liverpool orphanage.

Anonymous said...

In "50 first dates", there's this conversation with Henry and Lucy about the Beatles members:
Lucy: I have a boyfriend, so... Sorry...
Henry: Ow, making up a boyfriend so you can get rid of me?
Lucy: No, I'm not.
Henry: what's his name then?
Lucy: ... Ringo...
Henry: is his last name Starr?
Lucy: No, McCartney!

Anonymous said...

There's actually this movie I found on YouTube recently called "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" It was released in 1978. It was Robert Zemeckis's first film he directed, the guy who is known for movies like Back to the Future, Forrest Gump, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit?. Anyways, the whole premise of the movie is four girls and two of their guy friends who are going to the Ed Sullivan show where The Beatles played on Feb. 9, 1964 and their hi-jinks along the way. It has soooo many Beatles references and even original Beatles recordings from Please Please Me. It was well-received critically, but failed commercially, so that's most likely why not that many people, including me, knew about this great film. If you're a Beatlemaniac, this is definitely a a must-watch.

Anonymous said...

In the movie 'Yes Man' Jim Carey sings part of 'Money Can't Buy Me Love' Later, after briefly strumming a guitar he says "I've got blisters on my fingers" mimicking John Lennon at the end of Helter Skelter on the White Album.

Anonymous said...

At the very beginning of the movie "Network" they are sitting around a table discussing the news topics of the day they will be reporting and a guy says "...the Lennon deportation..."

joey anthony said...

some beatle fan you is clear ringo said i've got blisters on my fingers and not john.i don't know how anyone could get that doesnt even sound like john saying can tell its ringo.

Roman Torres said...

How about in the movie Benchwarmers where Ritchie (David Spade) and his albino brother were inside the Gus bus looking through the crowd of people outside and David said, "No way, we're like the Beatles!" And his brother said, "Or Wham"

Anonymous said...

A brief snip of Love Me Do plays during the Minions movie. I've Got To Get You Into My Life plays at the beginning of the credits. The Minions' "cover" of Revolution happens after the credits have finished.

Anonymous said...

In Tower Heist - the building manager (Charlie) of the high rise luxury residence speaking to the other staff says something like: "I know you think I am the reason Paul McCartney did not buy a place here"

Anonymous said...

In Wanderlust - when they get to the hippy commune place the hostess says something like- "If you are George, where are John, Paul and Ringo?"

Unknown said...

In the cat in the hat it plays a cover of getting better