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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lennon: A secret womaniser? You Bet!

Washington (ANI): John Lennon's former assistant May Pang has revealed that the 'Beatles' legend was a secret womaniser, and that he even cheated on her while they were seeing each other. Lennon's romance with Pang went on for about 18 months after his wife Yoko Ono set them up, in a bid to save her marriage.

Pang said that she and Lennon spent time in New York and Los Angeles during their
relationship, where she caught the singer cheating twice.

"I know he had a couple of
affairs. But he would come back. And when I found out, he'd say, 'I'm sorry.' And I forgave him. It was his insecurity. He was like, 'I'm with somebody, am I making the right decisions?' and he did something stupid, and he came back," Contact music quoted her as saying.

"It was just one-night-stands. He had one in New York and
one in LA. I forgave him. Absolutely. It was one night. What was I going to do? It wasn't something that carried on over and over and over again," she added.

Fifty-seven-year-old Pang is promoting a book of rare Lennon photographs, Instamatic Karma, these days.


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Angel Godiva said...

oh there were WAY more then two he cheated on you with darling. I was one of them. My name is Angel Godiva, and I had an ongoing affair with John for about three months in LA while John was with May. He would come to my house whenever they fought. You can read all my accounts of my interactions with Mr. Lennon at

just search under my name. Angel Godiva. I actually spoke with May and she told me she was going to include my story of how I met John in LA