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Friday, March 28, 2008

Sarkozi, La Bruni, The British royalty, Bush, Dalai Lama revisit The Clockwork Orange

This is such a ridiculous moment for the history of humanity. A whole media circus was put together to a woman who’s been in the beds of the millionaires. Sarkozy may believe it is about him, that there is actually love in there. Yeah, right…Just the same way as there was some when Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, Donald Trump where around. She did not succeed in reaching the royalty as she aimed, but she did now. And the British media was there to put her on a pedestal.

One cannot state in his right mind that she’s not an astonishingly beautiful woman. The rotten British royalty stuff loves glamour and, of course, beauty and elegance. They managed to always reject Diana for her lack of “blue blood” so to speak, but they gracefully embrace the arrival of a high styled and well paid former groupie. It is clear that she would never to sleep her way up as to getting the best cover magazines, but one thing is for sure: She did have to sleep her way up to get to shake hands with England’s royalty.

While the world witnesses major issues such as Tibetans Riots led by a certain pop star referred to as Dalai Lama who has been showing his warrior side by sending a bunch of blind followers to cause disturbances in China, or even the sheer lack of competence by a certain “Georgie boy” and his ultra violence culture applied in Iraq to the last drop of oil - Hey Geogie boy, “The Clockwork Orange” was a totally different thing! Wake up, Mutley!

But nothing really matters, except beauty and elegance so that eyes can be overjoyed by an Italian peace of meat dressed in a Jackie O style.

Brief and to the Point:

Has anyone seen Camilla Parker Bowles around? Maybe she’s sharing some glasses of milk plus vellocet at The Korova Milkbar with some Druggies...


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