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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Lost in the Jungle amidst Guns and Roses

This is the end of one of the most turbulent weeks in the US presidential nomination campaign race. One that has proved to be the dirtiest one ever where there are no limits whatsoever. Once concealed weapons are now mortally used to defeat the enemy, whatever weapons they might be, The Republicans “may” be washing money from Halliburton Company at the Democrats’ Laundry Room.

Be them sex life or harsh sermons, the open door once opened by traditional media for such high level of levity wouldn’t have the aid of online life, which may bring levels of levity to higher standards. Traditional media has long not been alone in doing its job. The Internet is increasingly overstepping the boundaries of places TV, radio and printed media could reach in the past.

Well, some blame this past week’s excesses on the “freedom of speech” and the like…We would like to remark that as far as we are concerned, The Internet and YouTube have contributed to leverage the dimensions by providing instant access to all kinds of opinions. One thing doesn’t seem to be understood by the Democrats: In the past, campaigns were not provided with the fast speed brought up by broadband, Wi-Fi and all the advantages or disadvantages of accessing news in real time. Information can go as far as it can now, for Good or for Bad. Any wrong step, any wrongdoing, any hidden political agenda, any stories that were not supposed to be learned or come to surface years ago, cannot be hidden or swept under the carpet anymore.

It is funny to see how YouTube has been used by CNN, Fox News and other news casting “services”. TV seems to be increasingly dependent on The Internet to cause more impact for their sometimes delayed information broadcasting.

Brief and to the Point:

Wanna know who Client number 9 was meeting at the Mayflower the night before Valentine’s Day? Just Google it! Wanna know who Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his Church of God in Christ are? Wanna know who Larry Sinclair is or what he claims he was doing back in 1999 on political levels? Just Google it! Yeap! Just Google it! Have you got your own biased or unbiased opinions? Just blog them just as we are doing now! Blogs and Podcasts are opening the doors to all of those who have something to say! Are you gonna miss the bandwagon as to having the chance of becoming an Instant Internet Celebrity?

The Internet has presented its Guns and its Roses! Welcome to the Jungle! Blacks against Whites, and the other way around, religious concepts and War in the name of cyber fundamentalism, fake morale towards marital faithfulness and so forth…Feel free to harvest your crop and let Web Surfers enjoy the fruit they like best!

Who can assure a certain Ashley Alexandra Dupré a.k.a. Kristen will not be fully exposed on the pages of Playboy or Hustler Magazines for our delight after we demanded Eliot Spitzer to step down his Governor’s position? How far can The Internet increase our levels of hypocrisy?


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