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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"Kristen" went "Wild"

Five years ago, Eliot Spitzer's infamous call girl celebrated her 18th birthday by starring in a racy lesbian spring break flick, the "Girls Gone Wild" filmmaker said Tuesday.

Ashley Alexandra Dupré, who turned a $4,000-plus trick for Spitzer under the name "Kristen," is featured on seven reels of a sexually explicit video called "Spring Break 2003."

"We have some really great footage of Ashley," "Girls Gone Wild" CEO Joe Francis said. "There's a very good shower scene that alone is worth the money." Francis told the Daily News that Ashley was "a total 'GGW' groupie. She was really into girl-on-girl action and she was all over the guys, too."

The revelation came just hours after Francis unwittingly offered Dupré $1 million for a new video and promotional tour.

Brief and to the Point:

Aren't we all dying to see this footage? We mean, how hypocrites can we be, now that Spitzer is out?

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