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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Governor Eliot Spitzer of New York is acquitted by German laws, Catholic Church in the Renaissance and the Roman Empire

Chancellor Angela Merkel found nothing wrong of Gov. Spitzer setting a date with a high-end sex laborer in Washington. We quote her: “You should come to Germany for that kind of thing Spitzer! You know it’s absolutely legal here. You know, it’s legal in Nevada as well! Be careful what you might answer. I heard in your country people like to eavesdrop on private conversations!”

In this fictional conversation between Merkel and Spitzer, we should add that he’d get the blessings of the Pope in the Renaissance when Catholic Church used to run brothels for financing its evangelical activities. And sure enough Emperor Caligula would have invited Spitzer to spend an afternoon of bacchanalia in the Roman palace.

We don’t need to cite historical examples when prostitution was overtly legal. Rome for example paid most of its capital cities expenses by running public whorehouses. Prostitution is legal in Hungary, France, Senegal, Austria, Denmark, Greece, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay, Venezuela, in the United States (Nevada and Rhode Island), Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Australia, and New Zealand.

It’s known that soldiers during the American Revolution were treated by sexual favors from heroic war-front harlots. The history of the conquest of the West would’ve been completely different without those women. Should U.S. deny its own sexual record?

Hey Governor Spitzer, with so many places to buy that kind of favor that all men crave, why did you have to do it in Washington and tell your wife about that in public? You forget to follow the rules? Don't worry Spitzer, a guy named Bill survived a "Blowgate"!

Let us not be hypocrites! It’s a known fact that both married men and women have their hidden sexual needs, which are not always fulfilled at home. That’s when such cravings are likely to surface, or even the routine of the daily meal into which one is inevitably bound to get a bit boring, thus making them go to different restaurants.

Polygamy and polyandry (poly=many, andry=men) are common marriage patterns around the world and monogamy is not the only rule. And all these three forms of sexual unions are normal in the human race. Governor Spitzer’s scandal condemnation should not be viewed as being absolute truth. It’s only a result of social conventions that seem to be truer than scientific facts.

So, why do we need control over sex? Supposedly, society needs sex control in order to establish bonds of trust among males. Take for example, Polynesian societies. Before the arrival of European conquerors, Polynesians had a rather lax sexual restrain. Some men would take another man’s wife every now and then and create havoc in the community, breaking down bonds of loyalty and trust. That kind of behavior didn’t affect much Polynesian social stability until the Europeans arrived and they had to come together to fight a common enemy.

One fine example of Polynesian lack of social cohesion due to non-regulated sexual activities is to be found in the defeat of Aotearoa, now known as New Zealand. The Maori tribes had to unite against the English but those unions were disrupted because tribal chiefs would not stop having sex with the other tribal chiefs’ women.

There a good example of a need of higher level of social structuring is to be found. But this is not to enthuse the hearts of the conservative prudes. The excess of sexual regulations may bring about sociopath behaviors, such as rape followed by murder, serial killings and the like.

Sex regulation should exist so that society can be complex and structured enough to deal with information age challenges, but it should be free enough as not to create sociopath disturbances. Does anyone remember Sigmund Freud? He was not that off the mark.

If you are interested, the German philosopher Herbert Marcuse has written an entire book about the subject

Brief and to the Point:

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