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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Amy Winehouse gets 5 Grammy Awards - Natalie Cole Freaks Out!

Amy Winehouse is not exactly what this politically correct worldview calls in for. She drugs herself, hits the bottle and she shares us her rehab experience, and the world loves it whatever the reason is.

Is this a sign that we have become tired of being politically correct? Or the views expressed by Natalie Cole tend to be moralistic rather than politically correct?

We do not think there is nothing wrong in being politically correct rather we encourage it, but there are some people that mix up morality with being politically correct. While The Rolling Stones, for instance, were inviting all the youth for sex, drugs an rock’n’roll, Amy Winehouse is what the 60’s dream became: After too much sex and too many drugs we all had hangover and sent straight to rehab.

In our point of view, Amy Winehouse as an artist is correctly portraying the real facts of a society that hides the trash under carpet by being moralistic and calling it politically correct.

Who is Natalie Cole to criticize as she did? She happens to be the daughter of a great musician but a great musician who sold his soul to the white establishment and its prejudices for the sake of fame and glory. Nat King Cole is a black man who refused to play to a black audience in order to please his white “peers”.

Isn’t Natalie Cole being a bad example for Afro-American kids by teaching them that to have straight hair like a WASP is better than a curly African? Who is then being the “bad example”?

Well, then why doesn’t she just tell everybody that she is jealous because she can’t hit the charts on her own without the presence of a dead father in creepy duets?

Despite everything we have said about the Coles, we sincerely admire their musicality. Shouldn’t artists be talking about art instead of politics and mores? Art should be performed for its own sake rather than being politicized.

Brief and to the point:

For all practical reasons: Natalie Cole had a slump in her career due to heavy drug usage. Did she go the wrong Rehab? Maybe she should listen to Amy’s hit song a little bit more to understand that Amy’s daddy thinks she is fine. Would Nat King Cole think she was fine back then in the early 80’s when she paused her career to face Rehab herself?


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