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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Britney Spears - Give us, give us more!

She laughed, and so did all, in such a way that their jaws and pockets nearly exploded as a result of satisfaction. She cried, as if a robbery should rob the safety of a life that no longer belonged to her, and she cried alone.

Britney spends her days experiencing the excess of empty. For years, she fuelled a society which is based on two pillars: ephemerid and interactivity, which only serve to the hysterical immediate exchange of both shallow and superficial contacts.

The entertainment industry makes money by using something that is similar to platonic love: firstly the characteristics of the product are exalted with massive doses of fitness centers, silicone and songs that portray brief relationships or that potentialize their qualities. Afterwards, sensuality bordering on sex is inserted and a comprehensive media is chosen in order to make it hit the charts. Why?

Well, they are representations that stir up the imaginary and dreams. It is unattainable, sublime, worthy of adoration, almost religious. It's like the love described by Plato, it needs not to become concrete so as to exist. It is something consciously alienating established by reason, yet above it. It's instinctive.

It eventually causes the rest to be intolerable, since keeping that flame burning, much fantasy is required so, whatever does not match this pattern, such as the everyday life for instance, which is filled with commonplace details of their daily routines, loses the sense of existence. One starts to live with a mirror in place of the brain, which reflects the image it receives only.

Might a proof come in handy? Well, fans so involved in the showbiz world who yell in tears, asking the tabloids to leave their muse in alone.

Certainly, Britney revolutionized 90’s pop music, which earned her the title of princess of such musical style. She would indefatigably hoist the Flag of Virginity. She achieved worldwide proportions, something alarming to anyone, since we are prisoners of eternal moral dominance. However, nobody is normal at a close range, unless one is under camera lenses and provided with a memorized script.

Celebrities without a script embody the comedy of life, with their credit cards and unlimited transgressions (parties, freedom and fun of all kinds). They forget that money-guided happiness is the same as happiness felt when someone stops beating you up. It is fragile; it is human as well as their owners.

Sensitivity is gradually reduced to powder with the same intensity as bank accounts balances increase. In this regard, celebrities end up becoming slaves of their own images. They watch their own destruction from their own private chairs. Does truth matter?

Selling is the rule, thus making it clear that they are as humans as we are.
There is no use in complaining for only their lack of voice will be heard. The condition of passive observers is the one to they are entitled to.

We are all free to choose, though prisoners of consequences, and it appears that this is the lesson that the singer realizes everyday. She gradually becomes sentenced to life.

Britney Spears is a product that is being consumed to the last cent. At present, even people are consumed, and back then the cannibals were the barbarian ones…In the past, she was consumed by her skills, and at present, she is consumed by her misery. It seems the taste of evil is our fulfillment.

“The river that everything drags is known as violent, but nobody calls violent the margins that arrest him." (Brecht)

Article by Renato Dolci

"Leave Britney Alone" - a Youtube Hit that provides more insight on the article above


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1 comment:

us people said...

we are tired about things we read about Britney.leave her alone, she is just a human for GOD`s sake. Britney have EVERYTHING a person in this world could die for to have. People are just fucking jealous and thats why they write crap about her. get a life you guys..seriously. nobody think its funny. only the fucking paparazzi people, who get paid to do this. The same people who killed Diana. get a life.

we love you Britney, dont you never forget that.. just smile, and enjoy youre time with youre two beautifull children you have.