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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sarkozy and His Anger-Driven Agenda

There he goes again...How harmful can Nicolas Sarkozy be to French kids by fomenting anger?

At the moment that he plays the role of "teacher of religion", he definitely should be aware of his role in politics. As an unbiased world leader should behave, he chooses the opposite direction. He is doing the dirty job sponsored by the Catholic Church. He is to become a spokesman for Christianity rather than taking care of business in France.

How long will kids have to be brainwashed on "religious concepts" against science?

The religious fundamentalism is the reason for wars and lack of humanity, that is to say, the more the concept of God is used, and the more likely human beings are ready to fight wars and widespread anger and prejudice.

We, from Brief and to the Point, would strongly recommend Mr. Sarkozy to read Richard
Drawings latest book: “The God Delusion”, which has sold over 2 million copies and has been translated into 32 languages for a broader level of consciousness.

Brief and to the Point:

How can Sarkozy take over the responsibility of brainwashing French kids by feeding them with anger?

Unfortunately this is another screwball provided with the courtesy of Mr. Sarko
, whose conduct in his personal life seems to contradict the image of Catholic spirituality. Twice divorced, three times married, he has alienated the country to the point that there is widespread disapproval of his behavior in his personal life. Last but not be the least, let's us not forget his outrageous display of drunkenness at G8 Summit in July 2007.

Where does morale in Catholic oriented speech lie?

The world is increasingly being the victim of nihilistic approaches.

Go home Mr. Sarko, Carla is desperate to become a housewife...

The video below can shed light over this matter

Zionist Sarkozy defends Holocaust Brainwashing Plan

This othe video really comes in handy to keep minds refreshed

English uncut G8 Sarkozy French president drunk + comments


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