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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Things Americana – Coca-Cola Ads of Yesteryears

Things Americana reflect the cultural icons created by the American Dream, a dream that peaked during the 50’s. Since the end of the Depression years, American entrepreneurs understood that it is better to profit 5 cents from millions of customers than to earn 100 bucks from a single client. Making things popular and cheaper was the tune of the day, differing from the European market that preferred to sell expensively to consumers.

Take the Hershey’s chocolate bar for instance. With a nickel, every worker in the United States could afford a bar of chocolate, not affordable before industrialization and mass production. The same goes to Coca-Cola, Ford’s cars, white goods, TV sets, record players and other industrialized, mass produced items that became part of the American Iconography.

Brief and to the Point would like to present the culture created around the mass production saga that shaped so much American lives. Americana icons are not only exclusive to the US, but they became part of millions of people around the globe. The column Americana will explore this subject, starting today with the Coca-Cola ads of yesteryears.


Coca-Cola Ads - Americana Art


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