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Friday, February 15, 2008

Anti-Gravity Technology. Is that for Real?

Well, sure enough, anti-gravity technology sounds like cold fusion, or a lecture topic at a Star Trek convention. Not so much, as far as Boeing and NASA are concerned. When Russian scientist Dr Eugene Podkletnov (Евгений Подклетнов) was doing research at Materials Science Department at the Tampere University of Technology, Finland, he discovered that rotating semiconductor disks would produce a gravitational shield that would annul as much as 2% of the weight of an object. Although highly controversial when this was announced, even leading Dr. Podkletnov to public shame, things turned its tide, when Boeing resolved to hire him for research.

Here is what BBC had to say about this matter:

Incredibly enough, our researchers at Brief and to the Point have found out that the same experiment is being conducted at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center (a center for advanced research) under the directorship of Dr. Ron Doctor of the Science Directorate

Even more incredible is that one of the contractors of Argonne National Laboratory, one of the United States Department of Energy's oldest and largest science and engineering research national laboratories and the largest in size in the Midwest, (approximately twice the area of the nearby Fermilab which hosts the world's highest-energy particle accelerator), has a deal to produce and manufacture levitational semiconductors.

Check for yourself at:

High-Performance Tailored Materials for Levitation Permanent Magnet Technologies making materials to help advance flywheel energy storage

Superconductive Components, Inc.
Columbus, Ohio

Nd1+xBa2-xCu3O7 (NdBCO) is a powerful new material with applications for levitation devices and permanent trapped-field magnets. This high-temperature superconducting material demonstrates superior magnetic flux trapping ability, surpassing all known competing materials in laboratory tests.

Brief and to the Point:

Although as crazy as it might seem, the US government is already manufacturing spare parts for gravitational devices. Are they up to make the space shuttle lighter in order to spare fuel?

Hey, they could at least have told us about this!



Dr. Scott Campbell said...

Do not confuse levitation with anti-gravity. In levitation, a magnetic field is used to lift or "levitate" objects thus magnetic force is used to counter gravitational force much like the mechanical force of an elevator is used to counter gravity for lifting things to the upper stories of buildings. The idea of anti-gravity is completely different and I share the skepticism of others the Dr. P has actually produced a "gravitational shield". Boeing is working on the use of levitators for reducing the friction in electrical generation equipment and large electric motors by producing "frictionless bearings" with superconducting materials and strong magnets.

Esquina da Cultura Pop said...

Dr. Scott,

We from Brief and to the Point know about maglevs. But here we are talking about superconducting materials that by using Bose-Einstein, reduces 2% of the mass.

Thank you for your visit and your comment. Sorry if we were not so clear.

Best Regards