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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Brit Awards 2008 – Quotes by Paul McCartney

“Sir” Paul McCartney seems to have been the great star at the Brit Awards 2008 staged yesterday. Those who expected Macca’s remarks on his widely media covered divorce may have felt kind of disappointed. His speech was “brief and to the point”:

“I’m hugely privileged to have been in The Quarrymen, The Beatles, Wings and the solo stuff,” he said. “I just think British music is the best.”

Prior to accepting the honor, the 65-year-old star insisted: “It’s actually not lifetime achievement. I try to avoid those because it feels like you’re going to die the next second.”

“Sir” Paul McCartney seems to be haunted by the idea of death despite his recent attempt to show he copes with the idea in the song “End of the End”.

He also makes it clear that had he not met John Lennon in the late 50’s, perhaps none of his awards would probably exist.

Last but not least, he also found time to sting American music by saying that British music is the best.

Brief and to the Point:

At age 65 (touching 66), he can say do and feel whatever it is that pleases him most, even show that amongst several young artists present at Earls Court last night with all their awards and stuff, he is still the best artist to close the curtains.

Click on the video below for a snapshot of his presentation yesterday


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