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Friday, February 22, 2008

Hillary Clinton - CNN Texas Debate

Her performance on CNN’s debate broadcasted from Texas University made it even clearer that not only does she deliver a highly eloquent and quick-witted speech, which is capable of conveying “passion”, but she is also she gutsy woman who is not afraid of mentioning the name George Bush several times showing all her criticizism over the current president.

Obama, on the other hand, could do little, except for copying many of her words and expressions, showing a very careful towards criticizing George Bush and his politics. Definitely Obama has a lot to learn with Hillary as to delivering a highly spontaneous speech and sure enough trying to pursue charisma, which is something he lacks big time.

Unfortunately, by watching Obama, we, from “Brief and to the Point” had the feeling as if he was reading from a script, behaving in his robot-like mannerisms, while Hillary was having her moment.

Hillary is the candidate to be supported as far as this blog is concerned. We have said it before, and we’ll say it again: “The main difference between a woman in power is the fact that she has an added value called “sensitivity”.”

We strongly believe that she would not govern a nation in a war-oriented way, after all, she is a mother, she carried a baby for 9 months, and no one can take that added value away from her. Sensitivity is the name of the game!

Brief and to the Point:

This blog supports Hillary Clinton!

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