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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Nickelback's Rockstar Video Appearences - Have You Guessed Right?

What a reality show song!

  1. Boy at a baseball field: "I'm through with standing in line to clubs I'll never get in"

  2. Lindsay Shaw in front of the Cloud Gate: "It's like the bottom of the ninth"

  3. Man in front of the Flatiron Building: "and I'm never gonna win"

  4. Cindy Taylor on a pool float: "This life hasn't turned out"

  5. Old woman on the Millennium Bridge (London) in front of St. Paul's Cathedral: "quite the way I want it to be"

  6. Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top: "Tell me what you want" (voiceover)

  7. Wayne Gretzky: "I want a brand new house"

  8. Three women in Times Square: "on an episode of Cribs"

  9. Kendra Wilkinson in front of the Playboy Mansion: "And a bathroom I can play baseball in"

  10. New York City policeman: "And a king size tub"

  11. Gene Simmons in front of his wall of gold and platinum records: "big enough for ten"

  12. Paul Wall in front of a highway: "plus me"

  13. Billy Gibbons again: "Yeah, so whatcha need" (voiceover)

  14. Park ranger at Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park: "I'll need a, a credit card"

  15. Dominique Swain in a bubblebath: "that's got no limit"

  16. Three men (one US MP, one East German border guard, and one civilian) at Checkpoint Charlie facing the American Sector: "And a big black jet"

  17. Twista, Mayz from the Speedknot Mobstaz, and unknown man riding in a limo: "with a bedroom in it"

  18. Man in Grand Central Terminal: "Gonna join the mile high club"

  19. Holly Madison in the Playboy Mansion grotto: "at thirty-seven thousand feet"

  20. Woman in Los Angeles: "Been there, done that" (Billy Gibbons voiceover)

  21. Street musician in Union Square: "I want a new tour bus"

  22. Same street musician with performers in Union Square: "full of old guitars"

  23. Three girls on the bank of the Chicago River in front of Marina City: "My own star on Hollywood Boulevard"

  24. Gene Simmons again: "Somewhere between Cher"

  25. Paul Teutul, Sr. of Orange County Choppers: "and James Dean is fine for me"

  26. Billy Gibbons: "So how you gonna do it?" (voiceover)

  27. John Rich on a pool table with a banjo: "I'm gonna trade this life"

  28. Woman in Union Square: "for fortune and fame"

  29. Chuck Liddell: "I'll even cut my hair"

  30. Man in a Chinese restaurant: "and change my name"

  31. Two Blazin' Saddles employees[7] in front of a General Lee-inspired RV: "'Cause we all just wanna be"

  32. Eight kids in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge: "big rockstars"

  33. Wayne Gretzky again: "and live in hilltop houses"

  34. Parking valet at Jones Hollywood in West Hollywood: "driving fifteen cars"

  35. Man on Lambeth Palace Road in front of the Houses of Parliament: "The girls come easy and the drugs come cheap"

  36. Jenna Westerbeck sunbathing: "We'll all stay skinny"

  37. Kid Rock: "cause we just won't eat/And we'll"

  38. Twista, Mayz, and unknown man again: "hang out in the coolest bars"

  39. Jessie Coleman in Grand Central Terminal: "In the VIP"

  40. Eliza Dushku: "with the movie stars"

  41. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. in front of a Union 76 gas station: "Every good gold digger's"

  42. Taryn Manning: "Gonna wind up there"

  43. Paul Wall again: "Every Playboy bunny"

  44. Two women in the middle of Davie Street: "With her bleach blond hair"

  45. Jerry Cantrell under Chicago's El tracks and in front of Double Door: "And we'll/Hey hey"

  46. Liam Lynch in Union Square: "I wanna be a"

  47. Nelly Furtado on tour bus: "rockstar"

  48. Man in front of the same highway as as Paul Wall above

  49. Man in Union Square

  50. Two women in Grand Central Terminal: "Hey"

  51. Chuck Liddell with Elliot Segal from DC101 in a headlock:"hey"

  52. Boy in grocery store: "I wanna be a rockstar"

  53. Paul Teutul, Jr., Paul Teutul, Sr., and Mikey from Orange County Choppers flexing muscles

  54. Man in front of Marina City: "I wanna be great like Elvis"

  55. Elvis impersonator: "without the tassels"

  56. Federico Castelluccio from The Sopranos: "Hire eight body guards"

  57. Chuck Liddell again: "that love to beat up assholes"

  58. Grant Hill signing basketball: "Sign a couple autographs/So I can"

  59. Man in Union Square again: "eat my meals for free"

  60. Billy Gibbons again: "I'll have the quesadilla" (voiceover)

  61. Paul Wall again: "Ha ha" (Billy Gibbons voiceover)

  62. Man and woman in the middle of Davie Street: "I'm gonna dress my ass"

  63. Ted Nugent: "with the latest fashion"

  64. Man and woman in front of the Cloud Gate: "Get a front door key"

  65. Kendra Wilkinson, Holly Madison, and Bridget Marquardt from The Girls Next Door: "to the Playboy mansion"

  66. Man in front of the Flatiron Building: "Gonna date a centerfold"

  67. Two men in Washington Square Park: "that loves to blow my money for me"

  68. Billy Gibbons again: "So how you gonna do it?" (voiceover)

  69. Paul Teutul, Jr., Paul Teutul, Sr., and Mikey from Orange County Choppers again: "I'm gonna trade this life"

  70. Man and woman in front of the Reichstag building: "For fortune and fame"

  71. Jordan Carlos overlooking Los Angeles: "I'd even cut my hair"

  72. Man in front of the New York Stock Exchange: "And change my name"

  73. Man at a pink bus-stop bench on Davie Street: "'Cause we all just wanna be"

  74. Lupe Fiasco on a table: "big rockstars"

  75. Woman in front of the Brandenburg Gate: "And live in hilltop houses"

  76. Woman in front of the Chicago Theater: "driving fifteen cars"

  77. Two women at the beach: "The girls come easy"

  78. Taryn Manning again: "and the drugs come cheap"

  79. Eliza Dushku again: "We'll all stay skinny"

  80. Woman in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge: "'cause we just won't eat"

  81. Three women dancing : "And we'll hang out in the coolest bars"

  82. Gene Simmons again: "In the VIP"

  83. Dominique Swain again: "with the movie stars"

  84. Lupe Fiasco again: "Every good gold digger's"

  85. Chuck Liddell again: "gonna wind up there"

  86. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. again: "Every Playboy bunny"

  87. Two girls in Times Square: "with her bleach blond hair"

  88. Man in front of Beverly Hills High School: "And we'll hide out in the private rooms"'

  89. Eliza Dushku again: "With the latest dictionary"

  90. Federico Castelluccio again: "and today's who's who"

  91. Riki Lindhome at the beach: "They'll get you anything with that evil smile"

  92. Kid Rock again: "Everybody's got a drug dealer on speed dial/Well"

  93. Steel worker: "Hey hey I wanna be a rockstar"

  94. John Rich again, smashing a guitar

  95. Three women in the middle of Davie Street: "I'm gonna sing those songs that offend the censors"

  96. Te'DeVan Rocketman Wacha Kurzweil in Union Square: "Gonna pop my pills from a Pez dispenser"

  97. Lupe Fiasco again: "Get washed-up singers"

  98. Boy in front of a mixing console: "writing all my songs"

  99. Chanelle Hayes overlooking Los Angeles: "Lip sync 'em every night"

  100. Kench at City Market in Raleigh: "so I don't get 'em wrong"

  101. Man on street corner in New York City's Chinatown: "Well we all just wanna be"

  102. Man in front of Big Acorn in Raleigh: "big rockstars"

  103. Eight Blazin' Saddles employees at City Market in Raleigh: "And live in hilltop houses"

  104. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. again:"driving fifteen cars"

  105. The Naked Cowboy in Times Square: "The girls come easy and the drugs come cheap"

  106. Woman at the beach: "We'll all stay skinny"

  107. Boy in Times Square: "'cause we just won't eat"

  108. Cindy Taylor again: "And we'll hang out in the coolest bars"

  109. Woman in front of Buckingham Fountain: "In the VIP"

  110. Grant Hill again: "with the movie stars"

  111. Jayson Woolley in Union Square: "Every good gold digger's"

  112. Ted Nugent again: "gonna wind up there"

  113. Holly Madison again: "Every Playboy"

  114. Bridget Marquardt in a pink bed: "bunny with her bleach"

  115. Kendra Wilkinson again: "blond hair/And we'll"

  116. Boy standing next to City Hall in front of Tower Bridge: "hide out in the private rooms"

  117. Nelly Furtado again: "With the latest dictionary and today's"

  118. Two women in front of the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge: "Who's Who/They'll get you anything"

  119. Kid Rock again: "with that evil smile/Everybody's"

  120. Ted Nugent again: "got a drug dealer on speed dial/Well"

  121. John Rich again: "hey"

  122. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. again: "hey"

  123. Worker in front of Marina City: "I wanna be a rockstar"

  124. Wayne Gretzky again, splashing a pool with a hockey stick

  125. Kendra Wilkinson again dancing

  126. Nelly Furtado again: "Hey"

  127. Gene Simmons again: "hey"

  128. Nickelback fans at Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts concert singing: "I wanna be a rockstar"

  129. Pan to Chad Kroeger, pan to Mike Kroeger and Ryan Peake

Thanks to Wikipedia again!

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