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Monday, February 18, 2008

Female Masturbation in China

The West has long considered "female masturbation" a dead debate. After the psychedelic hipster 60's and 70's, no one is interested to talk about "female masturbation" as a moral issue or a taboo. There currently 350K results for "female masturbation" Google search in English, mostly concerned about dildoes, instead of moral or practical issues.
The same Google search in Chinese "女性自" yields 750K results in simplified Chinese, that is, Mainland China and Singapore. But instead of results related to masturbation toys, they deal with moral issues, physical and anatomic explanations of how female masturbation should be done, as well as the benefits of the female masturbation.
After many years of sexual repression under the aegis of the Communist Party of China, the open-market liberalization has opened the doors of sex taboos in the land of Mao Zedong.
According to survey by Brief and to the Point researchers, Chinese women seem not to enjoy sex during their early 20's up to 30's. Apparently, the lack of a more sensitive approach by their male companies is to blame. Female sexual maturity in China is reached around the 30's, when they get enough experience to be able to enjoy sex, but they are too busy career and family-wise, to be able to enjoy their bodies.
Well, is it a sign that we will witness a new form of "Cultural Revolution" in China, quite different from Mao Zedong's vision?

Brief and to the Point:
After so many years of suppressed individuality, they are being able to explore their own bodies and emotions. Will that lead to a new political and social order in Communist China?

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