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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Obama African Turban Dress Photo: An Attack by the Uncontrolled Hillary’s Campaign Base?

Well the Democrat Presidential race is taking vicious turns. A site in the Internet published a 2006 photo of Barack Hussein Obama Jr. in African dress and garbs, implying that somehow Obama has Muslim background.
While debate among Senator Hillary and Obama has flared-up, it is obvious that some supporters of Senator Hillary Clinton are up to using any means possible to gather votes.

The problem is that the Obama coincidental relations do not end there. It starts there. A TV network misspelled Obama as Osama, and this association has led the Obama campaign managers to take fierce actions. Also, the second name of Obama, unknown for the Democrat crowd is Hussein. Does anybody remember about the other Hussein? Saddam Hussein?

Sure enough Barack Obama will have to tackle with his image problems, if he wishes to keep a lead upon Hillary. We from the Brief and to the Point, do not condone this kind of attack on candidates, that lowers the discussion level to a street fight among juvenile delinquents.

Brief and to the Point:
The Presidential race should be around what affects American social, economic, military, health and other important issues and not around petty personal attacks. But we have to agree that junior Senator Barrack Hussein Obama Jr. causes a little inconvenience media-wise, as far as his name and ancestry are concened. Can we blame Obama because you he was born in a Kenyan family? Anyone born on US territory is a good American like any other American. Let us keep the democratic traditions of the US of A alive!!

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