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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sexy Woman – Beauty Aesthetics

In the Maori Culture and the Renaissance what we consider today over-weight women were sex symbols for people in general. In Nigeria brides go to weight-gaining spas before marriage so as to please their husbands to be. Because being skinny in Nigeria it means that you do not have money to buy food. In contrast, being over-weight shows that you are rich and powerful.

In the 40’s and 50’s Western societies were family-centered. Women were not seen as a labor force as we know it today. They were seen as breeders of society and therefore, for a woman to be considered sexy she was supposed to have large breasts and a rather oversized waist line.

Nowadays, the woman’s role has changed. She is more expected to pursue a carrier than to be a mother. Now, the physical attributes of a breeder are not called in for anymore. Women are supposed to be skinnier, leaner with functional bodies, setting up the concept of sexy women in our contemporary society.

Brief and to the Point:

Lean, Clean and Elegant seem to be a must for the contemporary sexy women. Would that really be so?

Here is what Brief and to the Point has to show you in this regard!

Beuaty Aesthetics - Woman's Beauty in the early 1900's

Beauty Aesthetics - Retro Beauty 30's to 50's


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